Liam O’Bryan: McClintock should prioritize climate change |

Liam O’Bryan: McClintock should prioritize climate change

McClintock should prioritize climate change

The UN’s IPCC has delivered yet another dire warning of the consequences that we face if strong action is not taken to address climate change. Most importantly to us is our riding conditions. We need to protect our winters.

Rep. Tom McClintock should prioritize climate, and take a look the revenue-neutral, market-based legislation introduced in the US House H.R.763. Please take the 60 seconds to call and urge him to cosponsor this important bipartisan legislation 916-786-5560. Learn more at and stay involved at

Sen. Dianne Feinstein deserves praise for her action in co-introducing the carbon pricing bill in the Senate, the Climate Action Rebate Act. This bill is intended to be reintroduced on a bi-partisan bases as the companion bill to H.R.763. The bills place a fee on fossil fuel production and return all revenue to American families as a monthly dividend, resulting in 2.1 million net new jobs, and 40 percent reduction in emissions in 12 years.

Liam O’Bryan