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Urs Schuler: McClintock approves of discriminatory bill?

McClintock approves of discriminatory bill?

Tom McClintock appears to be in favor of LGBTQ discrimination. Upon passing of the “Equality Act to Ban Anti-LGBT Discrimination” (HR5) Pridesource reports:

Leading the charge in stoking fears over the Equality Act was Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.), who said the Equality Act violates fundamental principles of America.

“This bill harms people in so many ways: Destroying safe spaces for women, undermining women-owned businesses, intimidating the free exercise of conscience,” McClintock said.

These are exactly the actual discriminations LGBTQ people are experiencing every day. So, in typical Republican fashion McClintock accuses his opponents of doing exactly the things he is doing.

I do not know why McClintock is so eager to keep the homophobia and discrimination against LGBTQ people alive, but I have a sneaky feeling that even in his conservative district that kind of antiquated bigotry is no longer supported by the majority of his constituents. Perhaps it is time to elect a representative who actually represents her/his constituents.

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