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Customers need choice in cable

To the editor:

Unbelievable! USA Media controls our cable television entertainment, Pacific Bell controls our telephone and prices for these services go higher and higher while quality goes down. Where are our rebates?

LAFCo, please allow our local, fiscally sound and well-run Truckee Donner Public Utility District to provide the platform for services that will give us choice, and let the best agency win.

Mary Davis, Truckee

Schools want too much money

To the editor:

Well, I just finished reading the Thursday Sierra Sun (Jan. 11) with another article about the Truckee school system having problems making ends meet, while using $65,000 from “reserved funds” (what is that?); $50,000 for a human resources director, and $15,000 to have the technology coordinator full time.

[Superintendent] Gemma, I grew up in the Oakland school system, they didn’t have much money, but somehow we came out of it knowing how to read and write. Tough times also taught us how to make ends meet, how to stretch a dollar and how to get by on what we have.

But in today’s “give-me society,” more is never enough and talk about seeing the writing on the wall, I can see you’re gearing up for another measure campaign on how you’re going to squeeze more money out of us.

Wake up Truckee voters. Your children are still going to get an education whether or not a human resource director is hired or whether or not the technology coordinator is full time or part time. What a waste of money. Here goes the school district dangling those words in front or us again, “It’s for the children.” Voters, get out your violins and a box of Kleenex.

I’m worried about the rising cost of my heat, electric and water bills, and you’re worried how you’re going to spend your “reserve money.”

From the mouth of one of my favorite reporters (John Stossile from 20/20), “Give me a break.”

Judy Williams, Truckee

Truckee Intersection is very dangerous

To the editor:

I know this has been written about before, but I want to add my opinion and/or lack of understanding to our three-way intersection problem. Everyday we see the conflict that goes on between impatient, frustrated locals and unknowing visitors using the intersection of Donner Pass Road and Highway 267, particularly over the holidays. What really amazes me is that there are not more accidents than there are. The intersection is poorly marked (the sign going east on Donner Pass Road is crumpled and rusted) and how often in our driving careers do we actually see a three-way intersection? I understand the need for the three-way because of the railroad crossing, and I see the problem as an educational one. Why can’t the intersection be more clearly marked from all directions so we are all driving on the same page?

As we are rapidly becoming a town of second-homeowners and increasing tourism, I see the potential for more serious consequences than just flared tempers and nasty fender-benders.

Don Yuhas, Truckee

Don Callahan remembered

To the editor:

On Jan. 4, the community of Truckee and the Truckee Fire Protection District lost a valuable person. Don Callahan died the morning of Jan. 4. He was a member of the Truckee Fire Protection District Board of Directors. He served unselfishly on the board for over 20 years. He was not only a stable force on the board but he was also a fine gentleman. He will be sadly missed. To Don’s immediate family we say thank you for allowing us the opportunity to have his guidance. To Don we say farewell, thanks and may you rest in peace.

Gary Waters

Truckee Fire Protection

District Board of Directors

Donner Lake Water Company refutes claims

To the editor:

The Donner Lake Water Company (DLWC) knows that our customers’ patience is being tested these days. Thus, DLWC places high importance on delivering more sound and accurate information through letters, meetings and in this case, clarification of misconceptions publicized over recent weeks.

In the past years, DLWC has kept the financial welfare of customers in mind by taking measures to secure low interest financing, but has been perceived as “not doing anything.” Safe Drinking Water Bond Financing is the most sensible option, with a low interest rate of 2.7 percent – to distribute lower surcharge amounts to customers. In addition to present litigation, lengthy processing through the Department of Water Resources and California Public Utilities Commission to secure financing cause additional uncertainty as to when the utility will receive these funds. Regardless, DLWC will continue making all necessary system repairs and eventually, (with PUC approval) build the treatment plant.

– In reference to repair proposals, a Jan. 4 letter to the editor stated the “6 inch pipe will not meet the 8 inch fire abatement regulation.” This statement is misleading because its inaccuracy raised questions about fire insurance rates. DLWC engineers confirmed all proposed pipeline replacement is adequate for required fire flow, meeting any fire abatement regulation.

– Many comments have recently referenced the source of DLWC’s estimated pipeline costs per lineal foot. In preparation of the proposed budget, DLWC did receive estimates from actual pipeline contractors reflecting lower costs than those published by independent sources. These estimates are lower, because DLWC hopes to incur savings by installing gas and water mains simultaneously.

– In a Jan. 11 letter to the editor, a DLWC customer commented, “This issue [PUD’s possible acquisition of DLWC] is complex and I don’t believe we are fully aware of the rationale behind interest in Donner Lake.” Many customers do not realize they will pay – beyond any DLWC proposed improvement costs -additionally for the PUD’s proposed acquisition.

DLWC wants to shed light on the inaccuracy of any information distributed to its customers. If you would like clarification of any information, both distributed by DLWC and independent sources, please contact the Director of Community Relations at 894-6739.

Heather Milne

Director of community relations

Donner Lake Water Co., Chico, Calif.

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