Life In Our Mountain Town: Things about Truckee that make you wonder |

Life In Our Mountain Town: Things about Truckee that make you wonder

I’m sure there are people in town who know the answers to all of the questions that I am about to pose. However, since I do not claim to be a roving reporter who asks questions and digs up the answers, I think I can legitimately ask these questions without providing the answers. I tend to be an unassuming type who prefers to sit at my computer and ponder about things.

Therefore, I’ve been compiling a list of things that I personally wonder about that concern our town, such as:

— What happened to the Napa Auto Parts sign, that occasionally gets mangled and then repaired? Does a loader keep running into it, with its bucket way up high, or does snow slide off the roof and damage it, or what?

— Why don’t we see more cabooses on the trains that pass through town?

— Who threw a pair of silver sneakers over the telephone wires near Taco Station about five years ago, and why did they remain there for several years, and who took them down?

— Just what is inside that Pacific Bell building that stands on the corner of Spring Street and Donner Pass Road? It is a solid brick building, large and looming. What do they keep inside there? Why are there no windows?

— Didn’t the downtown stretch of Donner Pass Road use to be officially called Commercial Row? When was that abandoned? The street signs now posted at the downtown intersections all say Donner Pass Road.

— Why are all the Southern Pacific buildings painted mustard yellow?

— What ever happened to the ducks and chickens at Hilltop? Were they part of the ambiance of the former restaurant Don Juan’s? Did they disappear along with those scratchy blankets that you could use to keep warm while dining on the deck? Did they not fit in with the spiffier image of Cottonwood?

— Who owns that red garage that is situated across from the Hilltop entrance? There isn’t a house in sight, but the red barn-like garage sits there. Why is there a structure that looks like a billboard standing next to this red garage? It doesn’t face the road, and it holds no sign.

— Why does Truckee have a few streetlights in the older neighborhoods of Meadow Park, Gateway, and Donner Lake, and nowhere else? Were they installed before people realized that they diminished our view of the stars?

— Who ever thought it would be a good idea to put metal siding on downtown buildings such as the current home of the Humane Society, or the blighted County yard building next door? From the height of six feet down to the ground, the sides of the buildings are bent inward, probably from snow that was pushed up against it and stored there over the course of many winters. Can’t these buildings be removed, or repaired?

— Why did the town of Truckee, upon first incorporating eight years ago, hire a consultant to show us slides of all the dilapidated buildings downtown? Was that supposed to motivate us, as a town, to start restoring all the old homes and buildings that are in disrepair? Have more than a handful been restored since? There doesn’t seem to be a great movement in this direction. Wouldn’t the old County yard be a good place to start?

— Why was Glenshire formerly called Innisfree? Was Devonshire a phase-two addition to Glenshire? And did the Devonshire name never really take off because the subdivision was already called Glenshire? Were the British sounding street names in existence when the subdivision was called Innisfree? Why are street names from the UK a good idea for a place like Truckee?

— Is there any kind of plan that isn’t decades away for the old mill site, besides having it be the perfect location for a town portrait?

Have you ever wondered about any of these things, like I have?

Katie Shaffer has lived in

Truckee since 1981.

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