Life is not about business " or politics |

Life is not about business " or politics

Escaping from the narrow confines of its predetermined course and the cold weight of its original form, a thick mist appears above the dark green waters of the Truckee River.

It swirls up from the depths of a perfectly calm Lake Tahoe. Free to travel where it will, this new creation slowly rises up into the crisp, morning light of autumn. Like an East Coaster who comes to visit Tahoe for a week and never leaves, the transformation is mysterious and complete. A chalky blue sky holds the pines still in a profound and gentle embrace. There is no movement on Earth but nature’s soul, searching for an opening in the hearts of all mankind.

I have to go to work. Fortunately, this is the time of year there may be nothing to do, which makes going to work almost as good as getting off work, which is the best time of the day.

It is slow. Three more beautiful words cannot be heard this time of year, except maybe business is good. But Life is not about business. Thank God.

Fortune and misfortune are as fleeting and ambiguous as the morning mist on the water. They wander in and out of some human lives like ghosts. For others they thicken for awhile in our grasp until nature conjures up some other transformation. Nature certainly sees to change quite effectively.

We have had snow twice so far. Twice it has vanished, but not our expectations. While we indulge in those, the blessings of the day can pass us by. The opportunities of the moment can be lost, until we learn that what we want, we always have. The white gold can wait. Worldly riches can wait. Today, for at least a moment, the bright October sun holds a wobbly Earth in balance.

The life-giving star offers us a little chance to get our bearings in all the confusion of transformations. Some of us will capitalize on it, others will not. Some of us will create more chances for ourselves and others, some will not.

When the necessary goals of ambition, talent, need and want become all-important obsessions, what is all-important becomes unnecessary. How easily some of us are tricked, by our own good values, into thinking the waters of life must always flow according to our own desires.

I am having some technical problems with my TV. Talk about good fortune. As much as I like to watch national news, I won’t miss the usual racket of four or five people in suits all shouting at each other at the same time if the TV gives out completely. I can’t imagine a more welcome convenient inconvenience. I’d have to grab a beer out of the ‘fridge and celebrate. But, I must admit, I wouldn’t be quite as happy if it happened during the Simpsons.

Watching my TV blow up could be one of the best experiences of my life, especially now that there is a presidential election coming up. Isn’t there always a presidential election in progress? I mean, what am I going to miss, an official Senate Proclamation denouncing a left- or right-wing talk show host some whiny, rhetorically challenged, intellectually deprived politician disagrees with?

I think our hollowed halls of government are filling up fast with something besides hot air. Maybe it’s time to call the plumbers again.

It’s time for our senators and congressmen and women to take a time out. People who are as busy as they are, always rushing off to meetings, always talking, talking, talking, studying documents, taking phone calls, talking, talking talking, just aren’t in any position to really understand what life is all about. Precious few of them have any idea how to conduct themselves with one another.

Let’s open our hearts to nature’s mysteries. It can only help us with our politics.

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