Lift your glass to Truckee |

Lift your glass to Truckee

The topic of this column is not drinking, although that is what precipitated it. The real theme of this column, for those of you who were English majors as I was, is Truckee.

The Blue Water Bar is an interesting place. It’s located in a private residence and is the home of the Blue Water Bar and Debate Society.

OK we have Blue Sapphire martinis and debate local politics. At the last meeting of this prestigious organization, two members who have been in town the longest started in with the “do you remember” list of people who have moved out of town.

Lots of names came up. The Truckee community, it seems, goes in 10-year cycles. But more interestingly are the marks left in the community by those who have left. Some of the people who were instrumental in incorporating the town are gone but their legacy continues. Residents who served as presidents of service clubs or school superintendents or who founded the Truckee Donner Land Trust may have left our community, but we still point to them for this or that accomplishment in the community.

It’s not just an “in-group” that makes our town a community. Start listening to the stories being told. Have you ever heard the story of “lost money” that was found in a microwave? Do you remember the Follies when the producer passed out? Can you name the people who were on Truckee’s first town council? Do you know how many have since left town? Do you know the story of the building blowing up old Truckee? Who really was in Moody’s when Paul McCartney sang? Is it remotely possible that everyone who claims to have been there could actually have fit into the bar?

So here we are in this community called Truckee. And we’re somewhere in a 10-year cycle of profound change in our community. Some of us will stay in Truckee, some of us will leave. But while we’re here, we each need to do something that leaves a mark. It could be business-related. It could be charitable. It could even be personality related.

Start something. Build something. Tear something down. Become a legend. Become the talk of the town. Sit at the bar at Bar of America and find out what the bartender did before moving to Truckee (it might surprise you).

Go to the Squeeze In or Coffee And early in the morning and listen to the conversations. Go to the Squeeze In or Coffee And and be the topic of conversation. To quote a legend of our own time, “if you’re not enjoying the joke, you probably are the joke.”

Join a Blue Water Bar of your own. We talk. We laugh. We eat great food and drink blue water. Sometimes we passionately disagree and sometimes we passionately agree ” it’s all part of the same gift of being in a community.

And if you think about it, what more is a community than a collection of people with common interests. We are people who care enough to explore where we agree and where we disagree and still come back to lift glasses together.

The theme of this column is our community. It takes a lot of people to make it and surely it is not finished yet.

Lisa Dobey is CEO of the Truckee Tahoe Community Foundation. Reach her at 587-1776 or

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