Live from Truckee, it’s The Chris Show! |

Live from Truckee, it’s The Chris Show!

Parents of young children are no strangers to the morning balancing act of getting ready while also dressing, feeding and entertaining their kids.

A new program called “The Chris Show” may be just the solution to make the a.m. struggle a little bit easier, thanks to Truckee local Chris Miller and Channel 6.

“The Chris Show,” an interactive puppet show for kids under 1 year of age up to 3 and 4 years old, airs every morning on Truckee Tahoe Community Television Channel 6 local programming at 8:30 a.m. as well as Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30 p.m.

“Our goal was to bring children’s interactive programming to Truckee at times when it would be most helpful to parents,” said Miller, who is both the producer and host of the show. “In the mornings and around dinner time are the two times of the day when parents can really use some extra help.”

Miller has been using her puppets for a number of years in ‘Mommy and Me’ and ‘Baby and Me’ classes at the Truckee Donner Parks and Recreation Center. Characters like Ashes the Bunny, the Colorful Clown, the Itsy Bitsy Spider and the Green Frog that hundreds of Truckee children have grown to love in Miller’s classes will now pop up on their television screen every morning as well as three nights a week.

Tapes of the show will also be available to purchase, either as home remedies for rainy days or as a teaching medium for those who would like to begin their own classes.

“It is so scary how much fun I am having singing to a camera and playing with the puppets,” laughed Miller, who has a lifetime of experience in drama and local theater.

Miller approached Channel 6 months ago with her idea of taping her routine, after receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from her class participants. She recruited her two sons, Mike and Rob, to film each taping and with the cooperation and resources of Channel 6 and Program Director Gary McNally, “The Chris Show” was born.

Six shows have already been taped with two more scheduled for Aug. 6, and so far things are running smoothly with the change to the television medium.

“We will continue to do the shows and after that, we will just see what happens and what kind of reaction we get from the viewers. I may integrate some new puppets into the show, and would love to take it to a larger viewing audience, but right now I am just going to see what direction the show takes,” Miller added.

Miller says she fashions her show after Mr. Rogers – simple, no frills, just her and the camera.

“I talk to the camera and I feel like I am reaching each child individually,” said Miller.

The set for the show is basic: a plain green backdrop, Miller and her puppets, and her two sons manning the cameras. For Miller, the inspiration behind and star of the show, it is a community service that she is happy to provide free of charge.

“We aren’t doing this to make money. It is important to have access to these programs and I am just happy to provide that.”

For the teaching veteran who received her degree in Early Childhood Education, the hours of preparation and taping are well worth the end result.

“My friends and neighbors have been flipping through the channels and see me on the show; they are really excited about it and that is the best part.”

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