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Locals by a simple definition

Jody Poe
Publisher's Notes


1. characterized or relating to a position in space

2. a local person or thing

The definition seems far too simple. You are a local by simply being somewhere? I thought there would be more required than that. There must be some sizing up, some comparison of how long, when you arrived, how many days you skied last winter. At least some guidelines ” something.

To wear the badge of local you must reside in the community for X amount of years, you must know critical local lore and remember the names of local legends who’ve crafted the community you live in. Right? Isn’t that the measure of a local?

On second thought, maybe it is just that simple. By simply being in a place you relate to you are a local. Most of us are probably here because we relate so closely to this place. The place is what draws us. And by virtue of sticking it out, winter after winter, we become locals.

Resident, skier, business owner, public servant, lift op, waitress, school teacher, attorney, preacher, candlestick maker or town bard, you are the fabric of the community. You are a local.

It is just that kind of local we are looking for. Annually, we conduct a search for 15 locals, those who are not necessarily the most well known, but those who have the spirit and heart of a local.

It is time to nominate your favorite local. Locals is one of my favorite projects because it’s all about the people ” and animals ” that make this place great. It’s an opportunity to truly honor individuals.

This year it will be even more impressive because we’re gathering local nominations from the entire community ” North Lake Tahoe and Truckee.

If you’ve been here four days, four months, four years or four decades you know a local who deserves this recognition. Between now and Sept. 18 we’ll be accepting nominations. The feature stories of those chosen will run in the special edition Locals magazine on Oct. 20.

Take a moment and fill out the ballot in this paper and mail it in or nominate someone online at http://www.sierrasun.com.

Thank you for helping us honor those who are the definition of local.