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Looking for a few true ‘Locals’

When I first moved to Truckee and was meeting people around town, many of those folks would preface the ensuing conversation with statements like, “I’ve lived here since 1995,” or “Truckee’s been my home for 25 years.”That need for people to establish their local pedigree, however, didn’t strike me as totally odd. I was familiar with the amount of growth and change Truckee has experienced over the last decade or so. After all, I’d been passing through town on my way to other points in the Sierra for at least 13 years, five months and three days and had observed the change first hand – kind of.But that familiarity, I was kindly reminded when I finally moved here, hardly placed me into the “local” category. What I’ve learned is that the residents who deftly – or not so – drop the duration of their Truckee tenure into conversations do so because they want you to know they made the decision to move to this great little place before now – a great, over-priced bigger place.But does the length of time a person lives somewhere automatically make someone a local? That’s an intriguing question, particularly when it comes to the notion of community and, of course, the Sierra Sun’s upcoming special publication: Locals 2005.In our estimation a Truckee local is someone at the heart of this community, someone with passion for his or her town no matter how long he or she has lived here. A local has a connection to this place beyond how many record snowstorms that person has endured.You probably know a few such folks. They may have lived here for two years or 20 years, but what’s more important than those years is their involvement in Truckee and the lives of their neighbors and, perhaps, people they don’t even know. We’re asking you to nominate the person or persons you think represent the true Truckee local spirit. From the nominations, we’ll select 15 people for our special Locals section, to be published in October, and tell their story.In this issue of the Sierra Sun, you can find a Locals ballot on page B2. Thumb through future issues to locate the ballot.Meanwhile, I’ve made Truckee my home now for 18 long, um, months, drive a dented pick-up with dried dog slobber plastered to the side and occasionally berate tourists who’ve slid off the road because they put their chains on the wrong wheels of their sedans.Am I a local yet? Jamie Bate is the editor of the Sierra Sun. Reach him at jbate@sierrasun.com.

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