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Looking for a little light in the gloom

Another grey, gloomy day is ours, fresh from the endless bounty of an unpredictable universe. I try to milk as much sleep out of it as I can. The stillness of the early morning takes a little of the melancholy from the brooding sky and a deep quiet gives the day a shine only the heart can see.

A stack of bills waits nearby as I begin, once again, the seemingly impossible task of watching a blank page turn in to, hopefully, a batch of worthwhile words relevant to the times or at least enough of a distraction to make the world a little more palatable and easy to understand.

Grasshopper Soup seems like a meaningless luxury today, even though the water has yet to boil and the ingredients have not been selected. Extreme devastation from tornadoes, the colossal earthquake in China, rising prices for the most fundamental and necessary foods and other necessities, and all the other unfortunate circumstances that seem to be enveloping the world take precedence over any words I might be able to come up with.

But, look on the bright side. We’re all suffering right alongside each other come rain or shine, Hilary or Obama, anarchy or pestilence, good weather or bad, sun or no sun. The empathy of being able to suffer together is a fine quality.

Since my major surgeries a month ago it’s getting impossible to watch certain shows on TV, like America’s Funniest Home videos. Every time someone falls off the stage, crashes a bicycle or picks up an old lady dancing and falls off the table my wounds shriek with pain.

Even westerns are difficult to watch. Every time a cowboy falls off a cliff or a horse or gets punched in the face I wince in pain directly from my own incisions. The swelling throbs and numbness aches. Sharp pangs of pain shoot through the affected areas like all hell is breaking loose. Yeah, empathy is a wonderful thing.

Amazingly enough, I seem to be developing some empathy even for Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain. These presidential primaries they have to put up with are brutal. The press, and other vulture-like creatures from all over the political spectrum, rise up in protest every time one of them says a word. All sorts of paranoid interpretations result and fabricated issues arise from alleged innuendo. It is absolutely ridiculous.

Hilary Clinton could say something like, “My favorite Disney characters are Mickey and Minney Mouse,” and someone is going to accuse her of having something against dwarfs.

I can just see Barack Obama taking the American flag pin off of his lapel and giving it to a little Jewish girl. Some nitwit is going to accuse him, based on that, of secretly desiring to continue George Bush’s failed Middle East policies if he becomes president.

Yes, it is almost that absurd. Watching the news coverage of the primary race for the Democratic presidential nominee is like watching South Park or Seinfeld. They are entertaining in spite of their glaringly incongruous style.

Yeah, it’s a good day to leave the TV off and enjoy the relative peace and calm of living in Paradise, however fortunate or unfortunate our personal circumstances may be. There is much more to see outside the window in the forest and on the mountainsides. The river and lake are still there to keep things in perspective for us, even if it is still a little too cool to jump in them and reap their full benefit.

But feel free to go jump in the lake anyway. I insist on it. If you are able to do that you are in a lot better shape than many of us. Don’t let a little gloomy cold stop you. The stack of bills can wait a little while longer.

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