Maia Schneider’s Inauguration Diary: Epilogue |

Maia Schneider’s Inauguration Diary: Epilogue

Maia Schneider

Editor’s note: Read and of Maia Schneider’s Inauguration Day Diary before this installment.

Experiencing this event first hand was an extraordinary opportunity. I only regret that I dont have the vocabulary to paint a better picture with my words; that I cannot adequately express my feelings from the day. Someone asked me today how I could consider that day one of the best of my life when I actually feared for my life at one point. Well, I guess I have two answers: one, I did live and theres nothing better than living when you think you might not. Two, that I see that day as a best in spite of my scary experience and injuries may help illustrate the level of positive emotional intensity surrounding the inauguration of Barack Obama.There were many frustrations the inauguration attendees experienced. Long lines, cold weather, being turned away, misdirection, lack of cooperation or communication among law enforcementand there was more to come. Closed Metro stations, a clogged airport, missed flights and road closures that went on long after the event all could have been bruises on the day, and would have been scars that lingered on any other day.But not on this day. And that above all should say something about the generous people around me and their spirit. The unifying force of positive energy reassured me that Americans can and will meet the current challenges and rise to meet our potential. It told me that after all, I can still have faith in humanity, faith in my country. This experience reinforced to me that we can live in a great nation as long as we participate. After all, it was the people that voted Barack Obama into office; the people that made the day special; and the people that helped one another when things got bad. Now, if I can just find that plate

Ive already been asked about Bidens appearance at the Ball. Alas, I edited out an entire paragraph dedicated to the trip I took to the ladies room just before the Presidential party showed up. There was lots of detail about the anguish of leaving the room versus my need to leave the room, and the physical strength and time required to push through the crowd yet again. I was back, working my way through the crowds, when our President took the stage.

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