Managing the ‘holidaze’ madness |

Managing the ‘holidaze’ madness

I was recently reading in one of our beloved papers that when there are as many people driving as there were over the “holidaze” that there is nothing we can do about the traffic, according to either the highway patrol or sheriff’s office. At least that’s my memory. Actually I dislike when someone tells me nothing can be done. I thought about this for a while (about 30 seconds actually) and came up with what I believe is a simple and equitable solution.Allow me. During all major holiday periods and on all weekends the following would occur:Odd license plates would be allowed to drive in Truckee and the Tahoe Basin on odd-numbered days and even-plated autos on even days, unless one had a “local” sticker. Locals with stickers could of course drive everyday. Not only would this make driving easier but it would be a boon to almost all the local businesses. There probably would not be as many people skiing each weekend or holidays but their experience would be so much more fantastic that they would want to come back, even possibly during mid week when they could drive everyday. Overall this could/would lead to more business. Just think about not having to wait for an hour to an hour an a half to have dinner because even-plated license people would more than likely stay at home on odd days and vice versa. Grocery lines would not be so long. People could more readily find parking places and shop locally. Snow plowers could do their jobs more easily. And less cars on the road, especially moving at a rate of more than five to ten miles an hour would mean less pollution, which would have to be better for our environment, right? And for those who wanted to car pool with their neighbors (so as to get around the odd-even thing), what better way to get acquainted and maybe make new friends? How many of you really know your neighbors?I could go on but it’s probably too simple and silly an idea. But sometimes you just have to think outside the box and get ridiculed.And if you don’t like the above solution how about toll booths at all entrances to Truckee and Tahoe? And when “X” amount of cars have gone through the booths no more can come in until “X” number have left. Maybe I should quit thinking. The shoveling has probably gotten to me.Peter Werbel is a 34-year local.

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