Many locals don’t support Sierra Framework |

Many locals don’t support Sierra Framework

To the editor:

“Locals react to Sierra Framework”? (Sierra Sun, Jan. 18) You have got to be kidding. I thought that maybe I had inadvertently picked up a copy of the National Lampoon.

Paul Spitler is not a local. He is a urbanite from Davis in the employ of the urban environmental extremist organization, the California Wilderness Coalition. He has dedicated his life to eliminating the rural resource industries and human access to our public lands. Utah residents have coined the phrase “rural cleansing” to describe this process.

Your reporter’s bias is typical urban environmentalist advocacy journalism, half-truths, facts out of context, and the ignoring of individuals and groups who oppose the politically correct viewpoint. Once this was called disingenuous, I prefer to call it dishonest. Please place stories like this on the editorial page where it belongs.

As one of the “real” locals who attended the Sierra Framework workshops in Sacramento and Truckee last year, let me assure you, we do not support the draconian measures this sweeping plan imposes.

The Sierra Framework plan amendment ignores peer reviewed science, will break current laws on the books, and brushes aside the will of the people most affected. Reducing the threat of catastrophic wildfires, one of the primary objectives of the framework, has been ignored.

Twenty-nine points of contention were prepared by retired foresters, rural environmentalists and legal advisors connected to the SAMS Coalition (Sierra Access, Multiple use and Stewardship). This is a real grass roots organization run by volunteers brought together to verbalize the outrage of rural Sierra residents over the proposed elimination of local forest management and the restriction of access to our public lands. Their analysis is available online at or

Your paper has printed multiple stories by the U.S. Forest Service public relations team and the urban environmental lobby (which your reporter appears to be a member of). The SAMS Coalition analysis of the framework outlines the many problems that will have a huge impact on everyone who recreates on public lands, and threatens the very lives and homes of those who live and work there.

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