Matt Tucker: Vote for clean energy |

Matt Tucker: Vote for clean energy

The International Panel on Climate Change has just come out with their latest report on the predicted effects of climate change, and its pretty frightening.

To summarize, they have moved up the timetable — now all of us alive in 2040 will see vast changes to our climate with far ranging consequences.

The only way to avert this scenario is to quickly make the transition to clean energy from fossil fuels. But don’t throw up your hands in despair. We can do this! And the place to start is voting Nov. 6.

Find out which candidates for Congress, for Truckee Town Council, for Truckee Donner PUD are enthusiastically supporting policies that will make a real difference. Vote for them, and if you’re really motivated, do all you can to help them win. This is how democracy works.

Finally, please consider joining your local Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapter right here in Truckee. We work tirelessly to build the political will to act on climate change. The best part is, CCL gives everyday citizens meaningful, actionable ways to contribute to the cause. This is the best medicine to ward off despair and cynicism.

Get out there and vote, and then give joining CCL some serious thought.

Matt Tucker

North Tahoe Citizen’s Climate Lobby outreach coordinator