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Meet Your Neighbor

Ryan Salm/Sierra SunBarry Triestman

How long have you been in the Truckee area?Nine years.Where did you come from?The suburbs of New York City.What brought you out here? I thought this was the best place to live. I lived probably 20 miles off Interstate 80 when I was on the East Coast, so I just got on I-80 and drove. But I did plan on coming here.What is it about Truckee that brought you here?Im totally a ski bum at heart. That was probably the first criteria. Also, I liked the community feel.And do you still like it?I do. We have lots of opportunity to get involved, particularly in our community, and lots of people do.What do you do for a living?In addition to doing the traditional chiropractic, I do a soft tissue technique called Active Release Technique. Im very diverse in my application in therapeutic things. The tools that are in my tool bag are very diverse. That makes me very different from a traditional chiropractor. I also do Pilates-based rehabilitation thats like a mind-body rehabilitation connection. I also have a degree in nutrition.What got you so interested in how the body works?I guess I was always interested, I just became more and more interested as I learned more. Its like a bottomless pit of interesting-ness the more you learn about it the more there is.So what kind of clients do you generally see?I would say the majority of my clients are athletes, and a few competitive world-class athletes. But its mostly you and me, the part-time athlete and part-time worker. We live in such an active area that everyone here really is an athlete. I see just your typical Truckee outdoor-activist-athlete.What did you study in school? Is it an ongoing process?Im learning all the time and going to seminars a bunch and reading a bunch.Youre obviously an athlete yourself. What are your favorite active past-times?I like skiing and mountain biking. I do a little bit of tennis, a little bit of hiking, lift some weights, Pilates, yoga.Where are some of your favorite places to ski or bike?My favorite place to ski is Squaw Valley and my favorite place to mountain bike is the Sawtooth Trail. We have so many good trails its hard to say.How else do you spend your time?Im president of the board of Tahoe Womens Services.How did you get involved with that?I did a womens wellness seminar … I decided that fees should go toward a womens organization. So I called up Tahoe Womens Services and asked to donate. When I did it a second time they asked me if I wanted to be a board member. That was seven years ago … and now Im the president.What does that mean for you?The board doesnt deal with day-to-day operations of the organization. Were involved in making policy and were involved in fundraising.Has it been a rewarding experience?It has been. Ive learned a lot about myself. Theres cycle of domestic violence we get in this downward cycle and we kind of give away our control. So Im learning about the cycle and realizing Ive had some personal relationships where I was not establishing borders and was giving away my power. Ive had personal growth.What was your last great adventure?I went to Italy, for a seminar. We were in a place called Cinca Terra, meaning the five towns. Its a great place to hike. And I stayed in a 500-year-old villa in Tuscany for a bike ride. It was a bike-riding seminar.If you give just one piece of advice when it comes to body and nutrition, what would it be?I guess my piece of advice would be to educate yourself as much as you can about your body and your problems. Thats where you are going to get the most benefit.Last thing, tell us a lesser known fact about yourself.I like to cook Thai food.The Sierra Suns Joanna Hartman interviewed Triestman for this weeks Meet Your Neighbor. Please send suggestions for Meet Your Neighbor to

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