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Meet Your Neighbor


What kind of dog are you?Im a lab, a black Labrador.How do you pass the time?I sleep a lot. Theres this spot on the couch, in the corner every time I jump up to my spot, its routine, I just curl up, set my head down and my eyes just shut. And I like to chew up stuffed animals. Youve lived across the country, tell me about that. Well, I was born back East. And then my parents moved out West, but one lives in Tahoe and the other lives in Southern California. So I split my time evenly between the two the best of both worlds. You live with your brother, right?Yeah. His names Timber. Weve been together since day one. I cant imagine life without him. Except hes a bit pushy and hogs the attention. But I love him. What makes you bark?Anything beyond the ordinary. It could be a squirrel running on the deck. An unfamiliar sound. Snow. But I bark the most when my friends come home. The sound of their car pulling up the driveway is like music to my ears. Whats your New Years resolution?I think I should exercise more. Stretch the legs, sniff some new smells. But I need to talk to my Dad about that one. Favorite food?Broccoli. And tofu is up there too. Im a vegetarian. Three words that describe yourself.Lovable. Cute. Sweet.The Sierra Suns Julie Brown interviewed Joey for this weeks Meet Your Neighbor. Please send suggestions for Meet Your Neighbor to