Meet Your Neighbor: Beth Christman |

Meet Your Neighbor: Beth Christman

Ryan Salm/Sierra SunBeth Christman

How long have you been in the area?I first moved here in 1994, and then I kind of moved away for graduate school and kept a foot in Truckee. I moved back here permanently after I finished graduate school in 2001.What did you study in grad school?Ecology and evolutionary biology. At Cornell University in Upstate New York.What does that actually mean?My specific thesis research was on the evolution of social groups. I was looking at birds why do some species of birds end up living in extended social groups, and others are less social?What were you doing in Truckee the first time around?I was basically being a skiing and climbing bum.Do you still get to be a bum?I try. Its definitely a big reason for moving back here outdoor activities, good folks and a good community.Where are you from originally?I grew up in Sunnyvale in the South Bay.How did you get involved with Truckee River Watershed Council?I was looking for a job that was environmentally and community-based. I actually saw their ad in the newspaper. It seemed like a great organization. Ive been here almost five years now.What do you do?I run most of our on-the-ground programs, so I do a lot of volunteer coordination. Our big thing is Truckee River Day. I also organize different water quality monitoring programs one of which is a Sierra Sun group. I also help coordinate large-scale restoration projects.Like what?We have a couple of big meadow restoration projects in the works trying to restore areas that have been degraded in past land uses to a more natural function.What do you like to do in your free time?I like to ride my bike a lot; in the winter I like to ski. And go hiking.Do you get to be outside much for your job?Not as much as Id like to but I do get to get out in the field more so than I would at many other jobs, so thats nice.What was your last adventure?I was just this last weekend in Bend, Oregon. My boyfriend was in a bike race, so I was mountain biking. On Sunday I did a 40-mile mountain bike ride which was pretty cool. We wished we had a few more days up there.Do you have family here?My folks are still in Sunnyvale so they come up and see me a lot. And my brother is in Santa Barbara and well go down and see him next week.Tell me a fun fact.I probably have the weirdest job ever on my resume I was a carcass sorter. The actual, official job title was Carcass sorter.The Sierra Suns Joanna Hartman interviewed Christman for this weeks Meet Your Neighbor. Please send suggestions for Meet Your Neighbor to

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