Meet Your Neighbor: Cheyenne Sabad |

Meet Your Neighbor: Cheyenne Sabad

Ryan Salm/Sierra SunCheyenne Sabad

How long have you been in the area?Since February.What brought you out here?I moved here from Boston with a guy that I was seeing, now Im no longer seeing him but Im still here.Are you planning to stay for a while?Yeah. I moved out here from the East Coast, just looking for more geography is the way we put it more mountains, more things to do.What have you discovered so far?Im a fan of hiking and biking and just being outside. Soon-to-be snowboarding.Youre learning?I started learning a couple years ago in Vermont. But by the time I got here last year … [the snowpack was weak].Just curious, what are you named after?Theres no answer for that, my mom just heard it when she was in high school and it stuck with her.So you went to college back east?I went to school in Miami.What did you study?International finance and marketing. I started college as a film student. I still wish sometimes I had stuck with that path, but I got practical and went for the business degree. Im a big movie buff. One of the things on my short list is to work the Sundance Film Festival someday.What are your job duties at the Crystal Bay Club?Its basically direct marketing, database marketing, direct mail, promotion. Im just getting kicked off. Ive been there since May.Its very Tahoe of you, working two jobs.It just sort of happened that way. It was initially just for saving. Plus, theyre different. Crystal Bay is like what I was doing at my previous job. At the Tahoe City Downtown Association, its more social. You meet more people; get to see whats going on.What else are you interested in?Im a music person. I like going to concerts and festivals, traveling, photography.What kind of music are you in to?Im all over the place with that I like a little bit of emo, rock, reggae. The easiest way to say it is I like things from Modest Mouse and Radiohead to things like indie rock or indie folk.Whats the best concert youve been to recently?Last Sunday I went to the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco. We saw Modest Mouse and Spoon and other bands. It was a really great show.What sort of traveling do you like to do?I love traveling, just seeing new places in general. I was supposed to study abroad twice and major terrorist activity happened so I didnt get to leave the country. Ive been all over the United States, Ive actually lived all over the United States Ive lived in 10 states. Ive been to the Caribbean, thats pretty easy from Florida. Im looking to go to Central America this spring and Europe this summer.So far, whats your favorite thing about the North Shore?Theres a lot to do, lots of live music, concerts, outdoor events, places to just hang out. And it doesnt cost an arm and a leg. Being from Miami, you can go out all the time, but going to a show its like a $60 ticket. Working at the Crystal Bay Club, theres tons of live music. My only suggestion the North Shore needs an Indian restaurant. Its, hands down, my favorite cuisine, but you have to drive to the South Shore or Reno to find a place…Seen anything at the CBC recently that you particularly liked?They had Scissors for Lefty, theyve also had some DJs, kind of fun music.Do you have family here?I have a younger sister, she lives in Florida with my mom, and then I have a stepdad.What else?One of my hobbies is roadtripping just getting in the car on the weekend, checking out the atlas and finding somewhere to go. Im a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants kind of person.Been on any good road trips around here?One of my favorite places Ive been was Redwood National Park, and Yosemite, too. Its way different than being on the East Coast. Everythings so big the trees, the flowers, the animals.The Sierra Suns Joanna Hartman interviewed Sabad for this weeks Meet Your Neighbor. Please send suggestions for Meet Your Neighbor to

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