Mother’s son was a promise to himself and to society |

Mother’s son was a promise to himself and to society

I want to thank you for your patience answering the questions I had regarding the van that killed my son, Guy Francis Owens, when he was walking on Northwoods Boulevard. After our conversation ended I realized we barely talked about Guy Francis. The way you knew him didn’t say anything about Guy, the person, the student, the friend and more.

Guy Francis was attending UC Davis. He was graduating this June with a minor in German, a major in economics and aimed at international business. He was a focused young man, and the way he planned his future it was coming along as scheduled.

After graduation he was going to take more classes in Germany and study and work there to get more comfortable with the language, which would be his third language, already being fluent in Spanish. All the arrangements were already made. He was excited. He had wanderlust.

On his last quarter at Davis, Guy Francis was taking various economics classes, combining academics with sports. His passion for learning was limitless and his success in all the areas of studies made him mentally, spiritually and physically a wonderful human being to be with. During his life Guy Francis took martial arts classes in their multiple variations and many other sports, including rock climbing and snowboarding, the latter being his reason for being at the mountains. He believed in the harmony of body and mind and he lived it.

As much as Guy Francis loved being active, he loved literature. He was a passionate reader, always hungry for more. As much as he enjoyed the classics and world history, he enjoyed fantasy and science-fiction. His interest in all of the sciences was contagious and exciting. He loved astronomy and it was part of his routine to take long walks at night to enjoy the beauty of the sky.

Guy Francis’ spirituality showed in his younger years. He was an innate believer of a major intelligence who sets order in the world. On his search for God, Guy studied theology and read religious books of the world and some of these books were always near him. He was fascinated by myths and legends about Creation and he became an expert of them. His mind was eager to learn what others felt about their own creator, because for him it was only one ” with many faces.

All of Guy Francis’ friends were his best friends, because he was caring, empathic and loyal. His witty sense of humor and his people skills put him at the center of a variety of ages, personalities and mentalities. Love and respect were among some of the characteristics he showed to those close to him, and to those that weren’t.

Guy Francis was a promise to himself and to society. A promise that was broken, on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2006. His sudden death caused by a driver, that in the dark of the night hit Guy Francis throwing him 122 feet and continued driving without stopping for some distance before returning to check on “the deer” that he had hit. When the driver returned to Guy, lying on the road and wearing his red vest, a witness at the scene said that the driver came out of his van, looked at Guy Francis, heard him moan and walked back to his van to check the damage. Guy Francis died on that road without a comforting word or friendly voice.

Aura L. Owens, of Cloverdale, Calif., is the mother of Guy Francis Owens. She wrote this letter to Truckee Police Department detectives investigating the death of her son. Investigators determined that the driver was not at fault in the accident.

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