Mountain Times: The season to think of others |

Mountain Times: The season to think of others

Norm and Alan NichollsMountain Times
Norm and Alan NichollsMountain Times

COPY:Merry Christmas to one and all and may this be a time of happiness, family, faith and hope. We all have so much to be thankful for, even in these uncertain times. Let us open our hearts and recognize how wonderful it is to be alive, and share with those we love. Friend and Question of the Week player, Pete Kolp, wrote last week: andamp;#8220;Norm, it has occurred to me lately that not only are lots of people I know losing their jobs and homes, but couples are splitting up. This includes smart people with careers and kids at home! I’m not sure how you would address this in your column …andamp;#8221; Well, I have no absolute solutions to a recession nor the stresses (and results) that accompany a slumping economy, but may I share the following:In the recession of the early 80s I was an employee with Pacific Telephone here in Truckee. During this time my colleagues and I were making plenty of money, regular paychecks, overtime and wonderful benefits. I was aware of hardships of others in the community and was sympathetic to them, but really could not identify with what was going on.This time around, being in real estate and being so close to other Realtors, contractors, carpenters, laborers, suppliers, teachers, utility workers, etc., I share the pain. I, like Pete, see colleagues, friends and long time residents scrambling to make ends meet, and unfortunately more and more people are having to leave the area to find work and a more affordable place to live.For those that have steady jobs, regular income, a clear future, be happy with your situation, but be sympathetic to others who don’t. Understand that many people’s situations are a product of their specific job, the economy, and the times; not as a result of poor personal decisions. For those of you who are in decision making jobs (i.e. town and local government, special improvement districts, county, state workers, etc.) please have the patience, wisdom, and understanding to make decisions that will matter during these difficult times. Forget the frills and be frugal with your spending. Save for the future, and try to make decisions that will help assist in the recovery of our community. Times may get tougher before they get better and the direction of our community may change, but if we can support each other, reduce the stress in our lives, and have true faith and hope for the future, things will get better. And have fun … As most of you have figured out, I (Norm) do most the writing for this column, but Alan does a little and also gives me ideas of what to write about. Today he said andamp;#8220;tell the readers to begin having a daily hour of fun!andamp;#8221;Alan adopted this policy a couple of years ago and it is a good idea for everyone. The rules state that whatever you select for your hour of fun is something that you do not necessarily do all the time. For example, if you read a lot, reading should not be your andamp;#8220;exclusiveandamp;#8221; hour of fun. Mix it up. Try exercising, develop a new hobby, walk around the block, call up distant relatives, bake something, and on and on. If you choose physical activity, get a friend or neighbor involved with you … it enhances the enjoyment! Try it, you’ll like it, and you will look forward to it! Return of Tiny Tim? I talked to Dan O’Gorman the other day and I asked him why Tiny Tim’s Christmas Village was discontinued some years ago. He said it was a matter of space limitations and scheduling at the old Community Center. Now that the community has a new 40,000 square-foot center, plus the old Church St. building, renewing this annual tradition may be possible. Join us in asking the rec department to bring this wonderful event back. It is a lot of fun and will definitely be a seasonal economic stimulus!Norm and Alan Nicholls of the Nicholls Real Estate Group are affiliated with Dickson Realty at 11500 Donner Pass Truckee.

Last week’s question: Alyce Mickelson was our first player to correctly identify andamp;#8220;Tiny Tim’s Christmas Villageandamp;#8221; as the annual Christmas craft/gift faire that used to be held annually at the Truckee Park andamp; Rec Community Center. Other players who correctly answered the question and would also like to see this annual event return include: Beth Cushman (from Buenos Aires), Mike Barna, Carol Fromson, Pete Kolp, Pat McKechnie, Mary De Lisle, Leah Krone, Denny Anderson, Joan Jones, Bob Moore, Steve Marshman, Susan Ritchie, Bill Mullins, Susannah Redman, Dean Litchfield, Lori Tucker, Kelly Wulff, Jeanette Harrigan, Sandy Rademacher, Keith and Alyce Mickelson, Robin Waters, Eileen Lyon and Debra Harrington.This week’s question (and last of the year) … (compliments of Steve Marshman): In the 1970s a revolutionary new ski binding came on the market. It featured a permanently mounted plate on the bottom of the ski boot, and a clamp like device on the ski which could be easily adjusted to a person’s weight and ability. What was the name of this binding? Call us at 550-5035 or e-mail us at with your answer or with past memories you may wish to share in a future column.