My Turn: Airplanes are part of the modern world – get used to them |

My Turn: Airplanes are part of the modern world – get used to them

Because I’m a recent arrival in Truckee (fifth-year resident), I try to keep quiet on local issues, assuming I would have needed to have been living here at least since Johnson was president to have any credibility. However, I have been asked to become involved and comment on the airport issue. It was recently brought to my attention that the Town of Truckee is attempting to bring the airport into its “sphere of influence,” whatever that would mean; control and tax revenue most likely. I’m not a pilot or airplane owner but I do live in Prosser and airplanes do fly over my home daily. Sorry, I just don’t find that very upsetting. It’s my opinion that the “stop-the-world” group that makes up much of the vocal minority in Truckee does not recognize the importance of the airport to our local economy and has no concern for the value that the airport brings to Truckee/ North Lake Tahoe. Their goal is simply to shut the airport down; so their serenity won’t be disturbed by the occasional airplane passing overhead and their social consciousness won’t be upset by millionaires arriving for the weekend in private jets. I suspect that much of the positive development I see going on in Truckee, Northstar and Squaw Valley would not have been possible without our airport, but if your ideal of Truckee is the Truckee of the 1960s, I suppose no “development” is positive. God only knows what the anti-airport group thinks of Interstate 80, which in my opinion with its noise, diesel exhaust and dust is much more of a nuisance than our airport. And remember, Vail and Aspen both have excellent airports and we don’t want Truckee to become like them do we? What next, Barnes and Noble, Century Cinema, The Gap?My apologies to our local government, but if the judgment applied to our downtown parking situation (fiasco comes to mind) were applied to airport management, I’m sure we could have Truckee Airport shut down in no time. Truckee can join those declining urban centers where vital airports are being mismanaged by inner-city politicians with no interest or expertise in running an airport. Those of us who are trying to earn a living here simply want to see a viable general aviation airport operating without endless sniping from a small group who are apparently uncomfortable with many aspects of the modern world.Prentiss Davis is a local Realtor living with his wife, Helen, in Prosser Lakeview.

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