My Turn: Base marina opinions on fact |

My Turn: Base marina opinions on fact

A letter posted in the Sierra Sun (“Tahoe City garage plan is a fishy one” Dec. 12 Sierra Sun) indicated information that again is not correct. I think it better to have an opinion based on fact and not on information that may have little or no basis on the truth.

The writer asks 1) Why public funds were being used in the first place? Answer, because it is a public parking structure not a private one. 2) Why $14 million? Answer, over and above what it costs a public entity to build any project and the process they must go through, the more time it takes to get started the more it costs. 4) Why many trees and a significant lakeview would be lost? Answer, while it is agreed trees would be lost other trees are being planted to mitigate both the loss and the scenic impact. As to the loss of lakeview, I am not sure how to answer because I don’t understand where the loss to lakeview would occur. 5) Why not buses? Many of us have asked the same question even though many of us do not ride the current system near enough, (I include myself, though I have tried many times and have ended up walking because of scheduling issues.)

The writer also stated information acquired from an “informed resident” that, without quoting, indicates that the Tahoe City Marina has a requirement to add an additional 27 parking places in order to expand the marina.

This fact is true, but his following statement, and I quote, “Somehow, this is where it starts to get fishy, the redevelopment agency came to the marina’s rescue and offered to build a $14 million garage, thereby creating the necessary parking spots.”

Not only is this not the truth, which to my knowledge the writer has not contacted the parties concerned to verify his statement, but the statement is unnecessarily inflammatory in nature.

The writer also may not remember the blight that did in fact exist in Tahoe City in the 1980s and ’90s, and due to the efforts of both the redevelopment agency and private investment we have slowly been trying to get us to get better and if we do perform better it is because our efforts are being successful, so please do not diminish us that are at least trying.

The writer also makes a comment on how much revenue that the Tahoe City Marina would realize with the marina expansion, but he does not recognize the costs associated with the building of the expansion, which include financing. Perhaps the writer thinks we’re getting that for free?

Also, the writer is under the misconception that we can sell the slips, well we can’t, so if he would have done his research he would have known that. The marina expansion is being created to help those that cannot afford to “buy” a slip as is the case in the current facility. And, by the way, the slips that are being sold in the existing marina do not belong to the marina ” they are privately owned.

So if there is a perception about the amount of money changing hands in slip sales perhaps one should talk to the slip owners about it and not create the perception that the marina is scooping in millions of dollars in slip sales.

I submitted to the Sierra Sun a statement that clarifies the many misconceptions that have been going around about the Tahoe City Masterplan and its projects, (there has even been some that think that the Tahoe City Marina Plan and the North Tahoe Marina Masterplan are one and the same, which of course they are not). So until the paper has edited my statement to fit the editor’s parameters, please base your opinion on fact and if you don’t know the facts please ask!

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