My Turn: Baseless attacks and bombastic back-patting |

My Turn: Baseless attacks and bombastic back-patting

Elena Nyhan

I read the My Turn guest column (My Legal Journey to U.S. Citizenship Dec. 17 Sierra Sun) at first with bemusement. So self-congratulatory. Laudable accomplishments, to be sure, but it is my guess that, coming from India, the writer probably had a wealthy family behind him, funding his efforts. Did it take some courage to just pick up and come here on a student visa? I’m sure it did, but probably not any more than the Latinos who risk their very lives trying to cross the border, also seeking a better life.Next came the baseless attack on Hillary Clinton. I’m not necessarily a Hillary supporter, but she is still an admirable figure, by most people’s standards. He mentions that she destroys lives. What? In what manner? And how does that compare to the lives, both American and Iraqi, that George W. Bush has so heedlessly wasted?The last part of his bombastic back-patting was devoted to denigrating our Latino community, specifically their failure to learn English up to his standards. The writer congratulates himself and his family for speaking English. Coming from a country that was ruled by the British for hundreds of years, I don’t see how that is so commendable. Why wouldn’t he speak English?When I was a medical resident, there were many foreign medical graduates from India. Whenever anybody made a comment about that country, where there is such human misery fomented by the caste system, they were quick to defend it. No matter that women were thrown onto funeral pyres, or brides were murdered by a groom’s family because the dowry wasn’t good enough. India is a great country, they’d insist. When I asked if any of them were going back to help make their country a better place, not one had plans to do that.The writer’s wish for a life in the United States doesn’t take precedence over someone else’s just because he feels superior to a different culture. The Latinos in our community are hard-working and family-oriented, They take jobs that nobody else wants. The writer sounds as if he wants a caste system in our country, too. No thank you. You don’t strike me as the kind of immigrant that will make the U.S. a better place with an attitude like that.Elena Nyhan is a Truckee resident.