My Turn: Being for World Peace does not mean being anti troops |

My Turn: Being for World Peace does not mean being anti troops

Last Sunday, September 21, the International Day of peace, a few of us decided to celebrate the day by showing up at the corner of Highway 89 and Donner Pass Road carrying signs informing passer byes that peace is indeed patriotic.

We were quite stunned by the obnoxiousness of a few people who called us names, gave us fingers and shouted at us to “support the troops.” Does working for universal peace means being against the troops? Not in our way of thinking. As a matter of fact we are the ones supporting the troops. The sooner these unjust wars are ended the better for our troops and their families. How can we expect our young people kill and be killed for a lie?

In these unjust wars the troops are just pawns placed in harms way by their incompetent leaders. Placing a “support our troops” magnet on the car is not supporting the troops. Ending the war and saving their lives and sanity is.

I was just about getting over our Sunday event when I received the flyer put out by Mrs. Deborah Johns, claiming that Charlie Brown the democratic nominee for Congressional District-4 was against the troops because he attended an antiwar rally! Really, being anti-war equates with against the troops. Where is the connection?

So if anyone is anti-war then they must be opposing our troops. It is the same logic I once used on my philosophy teacher at my High School (it is true we had to study philosophy in 10th grade in addition to 24 other subjects). I explained to my teacher that I had a dark skin, charcoal was dark therefore we could say I came from charcoal.

I can’t understand why so many people are for killing and wars? Haven’t we killed enough already? How many Iraqis, Afghanis, Lebanese, Iranians, and Palestinians must die so that we can buy cheap Chinese made junk from Wal-Mart and feel secure? How can we live with ourselves and support the people responsible for the crimes committed in our names at Abu Ghraib prison and Guantanamo Bay?

Why is Charlie Brown being smeared because he is for peace? What is wrong with world peace?

What is wrong with being anti-war, especially this war, the war based on lies and deception? We have now lost more than 1 million Iraqis and 4,168 young Americans to this lie. We have displaced more than five million people from their homes and have more than 30,000 people maimed for life, isn’t that enough for a lie? We have spent more than 600 billion and are facing total bankruptcy, isn’t that enough for a lie? How many more must die, how many more must be displaced, how much more we must borrow for a lie until we wake up and face the reality of this deception?

The more we bomb, the more we kill, the more we displace, the more enemies we acquire. If we don’t stop the bombing and killing it will come to a day that we as a nation will not have any peace and security even in the privacy of our own homes.

Peace is patriotic and peace does bring security. I am sorry for the few angry white people who disrespected us for expressing our right to celebrate the International Day of Peace. We thank all those who showed their appreciation for world peace by joining us. We need more representatives such as Charlie Brown in congress so that we can replace our culture of war and aggression with a culture of peace and tranquility for all members of the globe.

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