My Turn: Can’t Tahoe residents just get along? |

My Turn: Can’t Tahoe residents just get along?

As my wife and I prepare to leave Tahoe and head north to Seattle, I find myself contemplating my experience living here.

We have found most of the locals to be kind and neighborly. Growing up in the city where you can live next door to someone for years and never learn their name, I find the down-home feel of Tahoe refreshing. In Tahoe, your neighbors actually care about you. If they see something fishy around your house and you’re not home, they look out for you. In the city people will watch your house get robbed and not do anything.

When tragedy affects the community in Tahoe, the community stands together.

So then why is it that we argue over petty issues and allow them to divide us so easily? Why do we waste money on a Transit Center, which won’t make people ride the bus, and yet we can’t find it in our hearts to spring for a community center, which will help our youth stay out of trouble and give them a save place to recreate?

Why do we get so heated over roundabouts and which paths to pave? Why are the best fishing and beach accesses only open to those who can afford them? Why are those who can afford them so adamant about keeping us common folk away?

It seems our way of life here gives us too much time to stir up dissension. Are we selfish or just bored? If any community would benefit from more unity and respect for each others needs, it would be Tahoe. If we joined forces instead of splitting them so often, we could accomplish great things for our community and beyond.

Perhaps this is why North Tahoe’s potential has not been manifested; we can’t get anything done.

When I think on thoughts like these, it saddens me to realize that people are people no matter where they live. They will always find something to get upset over. There will always be someone to disagree with, fervently.

My advice to all of you, however, is that “people are people,” therefore they deserve the same respect, consideration, and compassion that you do. You have a rare commodity in the people who live here. Cherish them, appreciate them, and most of all love them.

There are many places in this country where people who care about others are a dying breed. You’ve got a good thing going Tahoe. Don’t take it for granted.

Overall, my experience of Tahoe has been terrific and I will never forget my time here, or the people here who have touched my life so deeply. We may never be as blessed as we have been to live here. It would do us all a world of good to be more conscious of that.

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