My Turn: Charlie Brown’s silly statements and positions |

My Turn: Charlie Brown’s silly statements and positions

I’ve been re-reading and I’ve also read everything available on Brown’s Web site. It’s obvious Charlie Brown knows he needs to gather some moderate Republican votes if he’s going to win in a heavily Republican district. It’s also pretty obvious Brown is contemptuous of our intelligence; confident we aren’t bright enough to see through his silly statements and positions.

He mentions nuclear power and offshore drilling like he’s a supporter, assuming that we aren’t clever enough to know that no new drilling will ever occur, or nuclear power plant will every be built while Nancy Pelosi and his fellow Democrats are in power. I haven’t space to critique his entire Sierra Sun article or his Web site but here are a few comments.

Colonel Brown wrote in The Sierra Sun: “They (Politicians, the Federal Government) refused to raise fuel economy standards.” Perhaps as a result of his long Air Force career, Brown believes that the federal government should set specifications for our private automobiles like it sets specifications for a new Air Force fighter plane? Let me set you straight Charlie. In our free market society Americans are free to choose between hundreds of makes and models of cars and light trucks.

Some of these vehicles are tiny, low-powered and get outstanding gasoline mileage. Other vehicles weigh 5,000 to 6,000 pounds, have powerful V-8 engines, all-wheel drive and consume two to three times as much gasoline as the smallest vehicles. Lots of people in Truckee choose these big sport utility vehicles and trucks knowing full well that it’s going to cost them several thousand dollars more per year for the gasoline to operate them. Raising government fuel economy standards will not magically increase the gas mileage of one of these big vehicles; it will simply take them off the market.

It’s going to be difficult to put the entire soccer team or a load of plywood in a Toyota Prius even if it does give 50 miles per gallon. Incidentally Charlie, do you support restrictions on the use of motor homes, pleasure boats, private airplanes, motorcycles, snowmobiles and jet skis, all of which waste lots of gas while contributing to our Tahoe lifestyle?

Brown tries to scare us by saying how we’re importing oil from countries that are recruitment grounds for Al Qaeda. Last time I checked, Charlie, we were importing most of our oil from Canada, Mexico and Venezuela; neighbors that unlike us have a surplus of oil because they’re drilling like crazy, on and off shore.

Silliest of all is Brown’s Nancy Pelosi quote, “Nearly 80 percent of the land leased for drilling is not being used.” With oil selling as high as $140 per barrel earlier this year and having spent billions for those leases, why do you suppose they aren’t drilling there Charlie? Do you suppose the drilling company has already spent millions to find out there is no oil there?

Brown calls for the federal government to switch the entire $14.5 billion it spends annually on fuel into alternatives like wind and solar. Is Brown proposing that the Air Force and the Navy fuel its jets with bio fuel and run the Navy’s fleet on wind or solar power? Please give us more detail on that Charlie. Renewable energy currently cost three to five times as much as fossil-based energy, so the taxpayers will pay $50 or $60 billion for this little scheme, if it’s even possible.

I would like to remind Brown that residents of Truckee and North Lake Tahoe often choose the added expense of driving big SUVs and trucks because they fit our mountain lifestyle. Residents of San Francisco, Silicone Valley and Sacramento often chose to drive big SUVs and trucks because they like to throw their families and all their stuff inside that big vehicle and drive up to Truckee where they often spend a lot of money. Forced to make the trip in a tiny but fuel-efficient economy car, they may decide to stay home.

Truckee residents considering a vote for Charlie Brown may want to reconsider that also.

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