My Turn: Crime can hit anyone anywhere |

My Turn: Crime can hit anyone anywhere

Truckee is still labeled a small town, but it is growing with hundreds of houses being built over the last few years there is no telling what the population will be in ten years.

But with that growth over the years there has been an increase in crime. With the incorporation of the town in 1993 and wanting more control of their law enforcement, the Truckee Police Department was started in 2001. The police department has helped Truckee keep its small town feel.

I think the reason there has been an increase of in population is because Truckee is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I think it’s important because local people get into small-town habits like leaving their doors unlocked and I think that people should realize that just because we live in a small town it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be aware.

Truckee is a great place to live. Its beautiful views and endless activities are what makes Truckee so great. The locals in Truckee seem to think it’s great too. I thought that because Truckee is growing the crime had to be increasing, but I was wrong.

The numbers aren’t drastic but they do make a difference. Due to the Truckee Police Department Monthly Activity Report, part-one crimes are down from 2006 and 2007. Part-one crimes are your serious offenses like murder, rape, burglary and robbery.

The problem with crime is that it’s unpredictable and there are factors in Truckee that could affect the numbers drastically. First there is Interstate 80 where you have an element of people that are not normally here. Also tourism, people coming up to visit who could potentially commit crimes or be victims. These two factors could easily be the victims or suspects in any crime that would occur locally.

I interviewed Truckee’s chief of police Scott Berry and he explained that “tourists don’t necessarily cause a lot of crime but they do become potential victims.”

So even though Truckee is a hot spot for tourism it is not a hot spot for crime. There could be an increase in crime in the next few years but right now we are sitting pretty good. Every small town has its share of tragedies and serious problems. I think there will always be waves of crime but Truckee won’t ever be a dangerous place to live.

I grew up here and I have never seen a shooting or a robbery in progress. Whether Truckee grows or not it will never be a city it will always be a great town with a great community and unless they decide to build a Wal-Mart and the unemployment rate drops I don’t think we will ever see rioting and looting in the ghettos of Truckee.

I just think that even though it’s a great place maybe people should lock their doors at night, and maybe people should lock their cars when shopping at Safeway. Like Chief Berry told me “crime is a problem every where but crime in Truckee is down right now.”

By writing this I am simply trying to let people be aware that anyone anywhere could be a victim of a crime and that we now live in the 21st century where anything is possible.

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