My turn: Cutting government down to size |

My turn: Cutting government down to size

As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, I have a duty to represent the values upon which I was elected, and to ensure the interests of California’s Fourth Congressional District, which includes Nevada County, are well represented.

For the past 17 years, I have accomplished this by promoting the conservative policies supported by my constituents and aggressively working for federal funding to be allocated for important local projects.

During the 12 years when Republicans controlled Congress, I supported legislation which benefited both the nation as a whole and the people of my district. For example, in 2001 and 2003 I helped pass laws to lower taxes, which helped stimulate our economy, reduced the federal budget deficit, and put more money in the pockets of hard-working Americans.

I also supported legislation to secure our borders, eliminate wasteful government spending, and promote socially conservative policies, including legal protection of the right to life, private property rights, and the right to keep and bear arms.

All these policies I supported ” and continue to support ” serve the purpose of benefiting the common citizenry and embody the values of the people whom I am privileged to represent.

In addition to supporting policies to benefit our nation and our district, I have fought tirelessly to secure federal funding for local projects in Nevada County. I have supported the expansion of the Dorsey Drive Interchange in Grass Valley, the upgrade of health information technology systems at the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, the Nevada County Sherriff’s Office Narcotics Task Force, the widening of State Route 89 at the dangerous overpass known as the “Mousehole” and the residents of Cascade Shores in their effort to meet environmental requirements affecting their wastewater treatment plant.

Since the Democrats took control of Congress in January, I have continued to effectively represent the values of my constituents and to use my role in the federal government to directly benefit California’s Fourth Congressional District. When Democrats put forth legislation to take effective government programs and greatly expand their scope, I oppose those proposals in order to prevent a massive increase of government size and power, and to protect my constituents from fiscally irresponsible policies.

For example, when Republicans created the State Children’s Health Insurance Program in the 1990s, it was meant to provide health insurance to poor children. Recently, Democrats proposed to expand that program to cover illegal aliens, adults, and families making up to $85,000 per year who could otherwise afford private health insurance.

By opposing this and other massive expansions of the federal government, I am able to represent the values of my constituents and protect them from having to pay higher taxes. Today, I continue to secure federal funding for local projects. The Fiscal Year 2008 spending bills currently being considered by Congress contain funding for the Dorsey Drive Intersection, the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, and the Nevada County Sherriff’s Office.

I will continue to be an effective representative for my constituents, whether it is by supporting policies to lower taxes and secure our nation, or by opposing proposals that would greatly expand the scope of our government and leave working families with increasing financial burdens. And I will continue to work to ensure that when the federal government does act, California’s Fourth Congressional District benefits to the maximum extent possible.

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