My Turn: Denial will destroy our community faster than disagreement |

My Turn: Denial will destroy our community faster than disagreement

What a rousing sermon; loved it mostly (Stand up and be counted if you want a better Kings Beach Sierra Sun June 15). Please note that very few of us want an uglier Kings Beach. We all (mostly) want pretty and want to retain the community feel of the place. However, there is a sneaky contingent that wants to turn Kings Beach into South Shore (the Nevada side, you know the casinos project?) There is big development (read very big), lurking behind the core improvement project.Did you move here to live in L.A.? I didnt. Crystal Bay is the next target and to me that is way to close to Kings Beach to not be involved. Just how much improvement do you want and how do you measure improvement?Have you been to Squaw Valley lately? Walking the streets of the Village? From that viewpoint where did the mountains and the sky go? Be aware, be very aware and be frightened, be very frightened. They are out there waiting to destroy our town and the lake with their view of improvement. This is the real issue, not two lanes or four lanes, which is mostly just distraction.We will eventually need to unite to keep the insanity out. What insanity, you might ask? The develop-it-until-you-cant-see-it insanity. We might need face lifts on our buildings but we definitely dont need four stories of concrete and steel (with wood siding) obscuring the mountains and sky that we all love. If you think I am over-stating the issue get a copy of Browns plans for the center of town including the building where Spirits of Tahoe sits. Although the concept could be nice, the actuality will be awful. Nothing that big should be allowed on the main highway. We need height limitations for the main highway and a town plan before anything else is approved. Maybe even the road remodel. Some people think we are taking the traffic report too seriously because it deals with build out. Have you seen or heard the plans for Crystal Bay? There is our build out. And I dont even think the traffic study even imagined that scenario at all. This is one of those areas where we have to look behind the scenes to see what is really going on. Someone once said that once you see the bulldozers its too late to do anything about it. We really need to stay alert, and ahead of the game and right now most people are still sitting with their heads in the sand ostrich-like. Denial will destroy our community faster than disagreement ever could. Meera Beser is a member of the Kings Beach Business and Citizens Alliance.

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