My Turn: Don’t berm me in " or out |

My Turn: Don’t berm me in " or out

My wife, Parvin Darabi, visited the Town Council meeting on March 16 and handed out a report of events with respect to the “berm” building practices in the Town of Truckee. After her explanations two council members reacted reasonably, however, Mayor Ingalls comment was: Don’t beat a dead horse.

Our request to town council is simply to find a way that the snow removal services don’t pile up snow berms on driveways or just stop plowing the road. Removing berms from driveways should not cost an arm and a leg either because the same principal they use to not block intersections between primary and secondary roads should apply.

Of course we have a serious reason to pick up this subject, which is known to the town council very well and for many years. On March 14, we could leave our home on Pinnacle Loop at 7:30 a.m. before the streets were plowed to take my mother-in-law to a long awaited doctor appointment in town. Thus we were on time and returned home around 10 a.m. but we couldn’t enter the garage or the house. The driveway was blocked by 4 to 5 feet by 4 feet of compacted ice and snow.

Just as we talked on the phone with our snow removal company, which didn’t know where the equipment taking care of our area was, a huge snow plow Caterpillar came up the hill behind us with dangerous speed for the road condition. I feared to get hit by the equipment and drove the car straight in the berm to avoid collision.

The plow went by, the driver laughed at us for being helpless and stuck. Best of all, after few minutes he came back on the other side of the street passed by, still laughing at us.

We finally got in the garage and began removing the berm to dig the car out. After more than an hour of two persons shoveling, our private snow removal service came and helped us to get the car on the road and he cleared the driveway.

What happened with the fees we pay per parcel ($95) for snow removal and taxes for road maintenance? Isn’t snow removal part of road maintenance? What’s the purpose of snow removal if a berm is created that prevents people from getting in and out of their driveway?

We believe the berm issue may be a dead horse for the mayor and some council members, however, it isn’t a dead issue to us. The inability of the town to resolve this important issue, which affects the quality of life in Truckee, doesn’t make this a dead horse. As a matter of fact, this issue is quite alive as far as majority of residents in Tahoe Donner are concerned.

We request a hearing on this subject so we can find a solution to the problem. In addition to the berm problem, the speeds that heavy equipment moves on our streets are dangerous and sometime life threatening.

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