My Turn: Don’t quell legitimate Villas dissent |

My Turn: Don’t quell legitimate Villas dissent

This is in response to the letter (“Support the Villas” Sierra Sun Feb. 26, 2007) with regard to the Villas at Harborside time share project being proposed in Homewood.

Having been a 30 year second home owner in Homewood, and having taken a great deal of pride in keeping informed concerning local issues, I found the letter to be condescending and insulting.

I particularly take offense to being characterized as being party to a so called “NIMBY effect,” going on further to insult the intelligence and intentions of law abiding, tax paying citizens of Homewood who exercise our constitutionally guaranteed right to simply speak up for what matters to us.

I cannot speak for others in Homewood, but for myself, I see the Villas at Harborside project as one huge smokescreen being foisted upon the community.

In response to the letter’s comments on “Scenic Corridor,” how gracious of developers to “provide several lake view corridors” as part of the money grab. Wow, “several lake view corridors.” Gee thanks.

Regarding comments on “Environment”, “Because these homes are small, less than 1,800 square feet etc.” Last time I checked sir, when 1,800 square feet gets multiplied by the number of view blockers being forced upon us, it adds up to a rather large size development. Lots of nice green lawns with lots of nice fertilizer residue going right into our beautiful Lake. But excuse me, they are only 1,800 square feet per unit.

Regarding comments on “Parking.” What kind of double talk is all this about “exceed regulatory requirements.” Where exactly are all those time share one-night-at-a-time visitors going to park? You can be assured they and their guests will start to park in surrounding and adjacent streets, but Oh gee, excuse me, I forgot, the letter writer lives in Tahoma. Maybe you’ll be willing to set up a shuttle service for all the cars to be parked in your neighborhood. Not likely.

Regarding comments about “Economic Effect.” These comments are the biggest joke of all. Last time I checked, Homewood has one market, several restaurants, and a marina. And last time I checked, at each and every turn Mr. Topol, and his politically connected front man, Mr. Antonnucci, have gone to great lengths to assert how minimally will be the actual foot traffic and traffic etc. That argument doesn’t wash.

In conclusion, the attempt to marginalize legitimate dissent by attempting to demonize the opposition is an old and debasing trick.

I don’t have a problem with landowners trying to make money. This is, after all, a capitalistic system. What I do object to are spurious and ill thought through arguments as espoused by the letter writer designed to quell legitimate dissent.

Sorry, it will not work.

I just call it as I see it. Mr Topol wants to make money. The Placer County Tax Assessor wants the increased land assessment money, and all too likely, John Doe citizen will get to enjoy a couple of those lovely “Scenic Corridors.”

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