My Turn: Drive safely this week, and this winter |

My Turn: Drive safely this week, and this winter

Frank Casella

Every year the Sierra Sun has an excellent article about We have had only two storms so far and I am seeing the same mistakes I see every winter.

The two main causes of avoidable accidents in the winter are: going too fast for conditions and tailgating. I would like to share my training and experience as a big rig driver at UPS. We receive the best training in the world. Our safe driving mainstay is called the “Five Seeing Habits.”

These habits gives us a safety edge on these dangerous highways.

First, “Aim high in steering.” Don’t tailgait. Look well ahead instead of the car just in front of you so you are well aware of potential problems.

Second, “Get the Big Picture.” Know what is happening all around you. Front and back, side to side.

Third, “Keep Your Eyes Moving.” Check your mirrors frequently. Don’t Stare.

Fourth, “Leave Yourself An Out.” Always have an escape plan. Know what you will do or where you will go before something happens.

Five, “Make Sure they See You.” Use lights, turn signals, and horn so that others know what you are doing. Don’t assume people know.

These simple common sense steps will make you a much safer winter and all year long driver. Practice and see.

A couple more that are just common sense: Give yourself more time to complete your errands. Don’t rush. Triple your space between cars in bad weather. When you go by truck drivers throwing on chains on the side please give us a lot of space and slow down. We want to make it home alive too. Have a safe winter.