My Turn: Eliminate Donner Summit development plans altogether |

My Turn: Eliminate Donner Summit development plans altogether

Mr. Foster and Mr. Syme went into this project with blinders on. They didn’t consider where they would get the necessary water, the necessary sewer capacity and they certainly didn’t consider what would happen if there were a forest fire with a single access road and the population density they propose.

When Royal Gorge was purchased by these developers real estate values were continuing on an upward trend. However, recently values in the area have begun to level out and are even dropping. Reasonable developers may see this as a sign that new projects will yield less profit. However, Foster and Syme have seen this as a sign that they need to step up planning, put in more buildings and move things along before values drop farther.

I don’t believe either of these guys care at all about what happens to the Serene Lakes community. They may fly in on their helicopter once in a while to see how their investment is doing. Their main interest in life seems only to be $$$$$$$$$$$.

My wife pointed out these guys in their new shoes and different quality clothes at the last Serene Lakes gathering. She said that is probably the developers. She was right!

You can tell who they are by their shoes! I can only hope that for once Placer County planning department will open its eyes and not approve everything that passes under its nose. I am certainly going to try and give them some ideas.

So at this point I don’t believe a word Royal Gouge says. There are in point of fact no large parcels of land that can be developed in Serene Lakes. There’s no water, no sewage, no access, in short no infrastructure that can support a large scale development of the magnitude that is being proposed. This isn’t Squaw Valley or Northstar. This is a different area with a different set of problems and Foster and Syme had better tell their investors the bad news.

If there are “reasonable Donner Summit residents” calling Foster/Syme to support them, where are they on the surveys? In fact they are a figment of Kirk Syme’s imagination. Foster and Syme have recently announced that they no longer intend to build a golf course, and have significantly cut back on the numbers of housing units that were originally planned for as a result of, “concerns that we heard from community residents.” As long a as these guys are looking out the community’s concerns I feel that it would be a wise idea for them to eliminate their plans all together, because it would seem to me that that is where the community’s concerns are pointing.

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