My Turn: Follow the law: Another perspective on pooches |

My Turn: Follow the law: Another perspective on pooches

I have read the four letters recently written to the editor: “Welcome to Truckee” (Sierra Sun July 13), the two responding “My Turn” guest columns by two separate authors (Sierra Sun July 20) and the third response, “Self Important city slickers” (Sierra Sun July 22). There seems to be many different points of view on the dog issue in Truckee, and I would like to offer my family’s views and concerns.My husband and I are permanent residents of Truckee. We too moved here, as one author stated, “for the quality of life.” However, we did not count on some dogs having more rights than us. The same author states, “do not disrespect customs and norms of the local community.” I say, what about the law/ordinances governed by the Town of Truckee Animal Control Division? It is my understanding that there is a leash law/ordinance in Truckee. The ordinance states, in part and essence: A dog must be under the immediate control of the owner or caretaker by means of visual and voice control, or by leash, chain, tether, or adequate fence.What if it was the customs and norms of the local community to disregard stop signs? Would, and more importantly, should that attitude or conduct be accepted? I think not. Also, the further statement that “locals know how to react when a dog approaches them. They even know how to give another person’s dog a little discipline if an occasional canine-in-training attempts to jump up,” is way off base.Not only do I not want to try and discipline a charging dog, I am terrified of the thought. In addition, I don’t understand the thinking of another author, “educate yourself to handle dogs” that are infringing on another’s rights. If a person wants a dog and wants to bring that dog into the public, it is that person’s responsibility to insure that the dog does not infringe on others’ rights and/or space. Similarly, we would not allow our children to run at people in an aggressive or threatening manner. Why should that be acceptable for dogs?I will not bore readers with the multitude of encounters we’ve had with aggressive, off-leash dogs (with no owner in sight) and how they have precluded us from enjoying our neighborhood and trails. I will just say there have been many and I believe we’re not alone. Further, I would like to point out that this problem isn’t only with dogs of permanent residents; many people vacationers and part-time residents allow their dogs to roam unattended.Bottom line, we too want to enjoy the environment in which we have chosen to live, as do the “dog people.” Consequently, I purpose following the law/ordinance set forth by the Town of Truckee. In closing, I would like to thank dog owners who do keep their dogs under control (whether by visual/voice or leash). If we all strive to respect the rights of others this issue may be greatly improved.Susan Enos is a Truckee resident.

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