My Turn: Giving begins at home, not the store |

My Turn: Giving begins at home, not the store

A few days ago I went to Rite Aid in Truckee to purchase a few items. At the checkout I was asked if I wanted to make donation to some good cause.

My answer as usual was No. It is not that I do not want to support good causes, or pay a dollar or two at the checkout to help some one or some organization. It is because I am against this type of solicitation in principal.

It is getting more and more common for stores such as Safeway, Rite Aid and so on to ask for donations at their checkouts to raise money for some cause they believe in. I don’t think it is proper to embarrass a customer at the checkout.-

I always thought that charitable giving is a personal issue like one’s religion or lack of. If I want to make a donation to a cause I am interested in then I will do it at the privacy of my own home. I go to grocery store to buy food, to a hardware store to buy hardware, to a clothing store to buy clothes. I don’t go to these shops to make charitable donations. And I don’t want to advertise my one dollar donation on a balloon shaped peace of paper and plastered all around the store.

As a nation of charitable organizations, we are being bombarded by solicitations for donations for one cause or another every night at dinner time by phone calls and barrage of letters from all sorts of organizations everyday through the postal system. I just want to be left alone when I go shopping.

Safeway, Rite Aid and other corporations are much wealthier than I am. If they are interested in helping some organization they should do it through their corporate offices and not soliciting their customers at the checkout stand.-

I have no problem with being solicited by these stores if we are helping a member of our community. Or if they would place a box where we can drop money to help any cause or have people ring the bell outside of the shop. However, to embrace us in front of other customers or the cashier is not a kosher thing to do.

I am just about to stop going back to any shop that asks for donations at the checkout. Besides am I supposed to be solicited for the same cause by the same store at the same checkout each time I shop?

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