My Turn: Hard work and a positive attitude might be in order |

My Turn: Hard work and a positive attitude might be in order

Tim Hauserman

Actually, contrary to what you read or hear about from Henny Penny, when it comes to the schools at Lake Tahoe, the sky is not falling.

In fact, it is a great place for kids to go to school.

Over the last few years, students from North Tahoe High School have been accepted to the best University of California campuses and to Ivy League schools.

Students who work hard and apply themselves are doing well academically.

But what makes going to school at North Tahoe special is the small-town, friendly atmosphere of the student body and the incredible support and involvement of our parents. We may not be big enough to teach our kids four different languages, like a big city school can do, but we are building well-rounded kids who have the opportunity to be successful in whatever they do.

Last week, Tahoe Dance School put on a Christmas ballet performance. Among the several high school performers was my North Tahoe High senior in her last performance. The audience was full of North Tahoe High students, cheering on their classmates. Some of these kids couldn’t care less about ballet (sorry Dee Dee) but after the show they were right up front giving hugs, happy tears and heartfelt congratulations. They were there to support their friends.

A few days later, the high school kids who were in the dance audience, were now performing at the awesome winter concert of the North Tahoe Middle and High School band program. In the audience were several hundred people giving standing ovations after each piece. Among the crowd were all those dancers, cheering on the musicians. Look around, and you will see things that will make you smile. Like older kids volunteering for three hours in the cold to help the Rotary and Santa deliver toys to young children.

We live in a great place to raise the kind of people we want our children to become. Give me the real Tahoe kids over Mall Land Kids any day.

Are their children who don’t thrive in our schools? Yes. Is every teacher and administrator perfect? No. Every school may not fit every kid and not every kid will be successful in school no matter what school they are in. But while personal responsibility may have gone out the window with that really cool Dave Mason album, if your child is having trouble in school, perhaps before blaming the school you should look into what you and your child can do to improve the situation.

It could be that hard work and a positive attitude might be in order, you know, the characteristics that will also make them successful in life.