My Turn: In Kings Beach, no plan is perfect |

My Turn: In Kings Beach, no plan is perfect

Id like to respond to your articles about the changes that may take place in Kings Beach. Im saddened by reality. The reality is that the media does not report the truth. Journalists need a good story. They need excitement. So they create news. Im always amazed by what is reported by reporters when I see the difference between what they report and what I see. I saw a lot of people who voted (with their Monopoly money) for alternative 4, which is the alternative that I like. Why do I like it? It will slow traffic down. Im also always amazed by the vocal minority. Julie Brown reports that one person was upset with the outcome. Whoopee! Lets make a federal case out of it! Reality check, folks. Yes, believe it or not there will be traffic jams. Wow! What are we gonna do about it? Put in another lane so traffic can flow smoothly? So more pedestrians can die? I mean my being five minutes late for work has nothing to do with me being lazy. It has to do with someone wanting to make Kings Beach beautiful. Screw beauty! What do you think we came here for? The view? Hah! We need a freeway around the lake. I prefer six lanes so I can pass all those tourists who come here to enjoy themselves. Screw them. I come first! Im extra special and no one is gonna take my right away to speed and break the law! Seriously folks, no plan is perfect. You either like beauty or you dont. I like beauty, which is why I live here. I like alternative 4 because I know it will slow traffic down. There might be three to six days out of the year. (Fourth of July weekend, maybe Labor Day weekend) when traffic will be slow. That is 1 percent to 2 percent of the days, with traffic being slow for a few hours. Get used to it or get out of your car and walk or bike. Park your car and enjoy Tahoe. If you dont want to do that I suggest you go somewhere else. As far as businesses are concerned I like alternative 4 because of the large sidewalks. It means you can walk along the road without fear of being run over by selfish buggards bent on anger. We all have problems I dont need mine to be going to the hospital because some one couldnt get up in time to get to work. I could write forever on this subject. But because you have limits on the number of words one can write I have to stop. And I guess I cant write another letter for a long time because of your same rules. That saddens me also. Wouldnt it be nice if you had reported that when alternative 4 was announced at the third meeting there were cheers from the audience? Wouldnt it be nice if you had reported the truth after the third meeting that alternative 4 had won and not alternative 2? But guess what? People like sensationalism. That is what sells. Lets make a controversy so that it appears as if there is a debate. There is no debate. Roundabouts are good. They slow traffic down and reduce accidents. People dont speed up to make a roundabout and they dont slam on their brakes when the light turns red at a roundabout. That, for beginners, is why roundabouts are better. They keep traffic moving. The Ys at both Tahoe City and South Shore need roundabouts. There should be one at Highways 267 and 28. The reason there will be traffic backed up is because of a traffic light at Stateline. The next phase should be to do away with the traffic light at Stateline, maybe have traffic go underground and have a plaza above for people to be able to walk from casino to casino without the fear of death. That would reduce traffic. Stoplights dont help. They hinder. That is all. Peter van Peborgh is a Kings Beach resident.

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