My Turn: Is Measure C really necessary? |

My Turn: Is Measure C really necessary?

I have previously expressed my upset that we are again being asked to raise our property taxes. I wrote as a “senior citizen” and for others in my age bracket who are retired or semi-retired and wanting to afford to remain in the town we love. I also wrote in empathy for the homeowners in our community who are in the non-upper income brackets; which is most of us full time residents.

I just received the second, fancy multi-color flier from the hospital. Signs promoting Measure C are cluttering our roadways. I imagine that the cost of all the promotions and the special election is in the tens of thousands of dollars.

I have numerous questions and reactions which I will share herein:

– If the core of our hospital is so decrepit and in need of updating, why did the hospital just spend millions building an addition with a lobby that would be the envy of most hotels?

– Why weren’t the currently proposed renovations made a top priority above the fancy addition?

– There is a shortage of doctors and nurses nationally. Having fancier facilities is not going to attract people if there are none to attract. Additionally, most of us were attracted to this area for all that it has to offer, not fancy facilities. And that is also true for health care professionals.

– Regarding the cost of the measure; assessed values of our property can and do get revised, and never downward. Thus, our cost for the measure would raise any time our assessed values are raised.

–I resent the use of scare tactics. It is stated that if Measure C does not pass that by 2013 portions of the hospital will close limiting the services available and forcing us to travel 45 minutes to receive care. The second scare tactic is that the State requires that buildings be seismically up to code and will not finance any of that.

From the sounds of what this measure is designed to fund it is way more than a simple seismic retrofit. An enhanced emergency room, cancer center and maternity center are proposed. It leaves me thinking that the state ruling is being used as a ruse to revamp much of the older part of the hospital at a vastly higher cost to us than just meeting seismic standards. Finally, threatening us with closing off services to us if we don’t vote for the measure is, in my mind, pure black mail. I am sure that the hospital can and will always find room to offer needed services.

From my own personal experience of our hospital I must say that it is great and that all my experiences as a patient have been excellent. I am not criticizing our hospital as is. I can’t believe that in the next six years there won’t be other means to keep the doors open. Frankly, I feel cheapened by what appears to me to be less than forthright as well as scare tactics to get this measure passed. Our nation’s healthcare system is already in terrible disarray and amongst the most expensive in the world. It is ongoingly the subject of politics and it is clear that it requires lots of fixing. So, it makes no sense to me at this time to pour more money into a defunct system.

Let’s find better solutions. Vote on measure C.

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