My Turn: Kings Beach’s opportunity of a lifetime |

My Turn: Kings Beach’s opportunity of a lifetime

I would like to comment about the project in Kings Beach which stands to lose close to $40 million. There will not be a project if we as a community and neighbors cannot come to a consensus.

I have lived in Kings Beach and have a business and local ties to this diamond in the rough for close to 30 years. I have been attending many meetings from as long as 12 years ago on the Core Project.

Please, I am not boasting but I care a lot about this community and the future of it.

Sitting on the highway in my office I see the effects of this four-lane highway. It opens up and it creates the Highway 80 effect. Cars race through our small community with no regard for speed or pedestrian. It is stated in the Kings Beach Community plan that four lanes is not pedestrian friendly.

From the onset we have been plagued with this four-lane highway, which goes through and divides our community. It is the appearance of this road which holds us back. The road funnels into two lanes, thus creating the back-up which we experience on a few weekends and holidays each summer.

With three lanes you will still have a turn lane so it will not impede traffic within KB. With three lanes it will be a lot safer for the pedestrians and children to cross since there will only be one lane in each direction.

The roundabout will slow traffic down while keeping it moving without stopping it as a signal. The pedestrians will cross one lane at a time to a center island providing safety.

With either the four-lane or the three-lane we will have the same concerns but we have a unique one of a time opportunity to really improve Kings Beach.

I really believe that we can change our community for the better by having the three-lane alternative and urge everyone to think about the people of Kings Beach and not be concerned with just using our town as a place to go fast and pass to get to the other end where you will just have to queue up the hill into two lanes.

Maybe in the future we will be able to have less traffic by having a better transportation system to get people out of their vehicles once in a while and take buses, which will be convenient or new transportation modes like water transit, etc.

Let’s all think about the future of this small little community and not lose the opportunity of a lifetime. Let’s not lose the potential windfall of having nice wide sidewalks and the added redevelopment of Kings Beach.

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