My Turn: Know the ways of a Truckee local |

My Turn: Know the ways of a Truckee local

It is unfortunate that the writer of the letter (“Welcome to Truckee” Sierra Sun July 13) and his wife had such an unwelcoming experience in the Truckee area. The writer attempted to open the age-old rivalry between locals and tourists. The constant lambasting of each group toward the other is more than unproductive. The locals will always complain and the tourists will always be misunderstood. This is a given.The writer spoke of an apparent “dog problem.” He was unfortunately overwhelmed on three occasions by dogs that were off-leash, as many dogs in Tahoe are considering the numerous open spaces available. The owners that were with their dogs at the various incidents were supposedly as hostile as their dogs and stated, “It’s Tahoe, relax.” Perhaps this is what the letter writer and his wife do not understand, and their cultural differences have caused them to be hostile to what they cannot comprehend. It is different up here in regards to dogs. Many people live and work here not for high salaries, but for the quality of life. This quality of life includes spending less time in the office and more time outside enjoying time with their dogs. Many locals know of “Tahoe Parties” where it is common to have as many dogs frolicking as there are people. When one spends time in this environment, it is easy to become accustom to dogs off the leash on the trails, in the parks, in the open spaces and any other public areas. The locals know how to react when a dog approaches them. They even know how to give another person’s dog a little discipline if an occasional canine-in-training attempts to jump up. Perhaps the letter writer and his wife need to look to their own inexperience with dogs and realize that it is they who are out of place in the “Tahoe dog lifestyle.” As far as his remark about economic gains by Bay Area money, and how people from the Bay Area buy really expensive houses, perhaps he needs to attend some of the affordable housing meetings. He could ask some of the firefighters, teachers, police officers, as well as people who work at the various public works organizations, how they feel about the demand of Bay Area purchasers making it impossible for them to buy a house of their own.Many of the professionals have been forced to move into areas more conducive for their housing needs and leave Truckee altogether. The writer should ask a business owner how the off-season business has changed due to the loss of the local community and how this has a negative effect. Please, enjoy your time here as you have for many years. However, do not disrespect the customs and norms of the local community. It is still this local dog-loving population that makes Truckee a place you desire to come and stay. Chris McCart is a Truckee resident.

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