My Turn: Lake’s powers-that-be are the problem |

My Turn: Lake’s powers-that-be are the problem

Business as usual for the North Lake Tahoe powers-to-be sadly continues leaving the citizens out of the decisions influencing their everyday lives.

Nothing changes: Meetings held during workdays in locations outside of community, “supporting” documents so convoluted take hours to read.

We admire the few citizens drudging through infinite TRPA and Placer County obstacles. All talk no action from the powers-to-be leaves us out of patience, the community’s participation not counting worth beans. When most intelligent, creative, economical and logical solutions come from community, they are called NIMBYs.

Idea of North Lake Tahoe building moratorium has been suggested, no new land and water permits issued until:

– Each community’s master plan (including carrying capacity) is backed and fully supported by that area’s residents

– Entire North Shore (Placer County) community’s master plan (including carrying capacities) incorporating the communities’ master plans is backed and fully supported by the county residents

– The master plans are community, not stakeholder, approved

– All projects’ cumulative impacts are studied, not piece meal, where it can be argued that there will be no individual project impact

– All Lake Tahoe area carrying capacity is determined

– Concise plan is in place to protect the environment, that no amount of money TRPA thinks will collect through mitigation, will bring back once it is destroyed.

One way to do this is the restructuring of TRPA and self-appointed agencies not held accountable who “run” the community the way they think fit. We, the citizens, do not know what is best for us. Placer County needs to be reminded who they are working for.

Maybe the exodus of residents and businesses out of North Shore is not because we can not afford to live and make money, but of the frustration with the way the powers-to-be “manage” the community.

From where we sit in Montana, in a 50 mile long valley with no gated communities, no golf courses, no affordable housing, no transit centers, no traffic, with ample open space, it is hard to think of coming back and helplessly watch the rape and pillage in the name of the almighty dollar.

Also, as seasonal employer, if we don’t house them we won’t have them. We wouldn’t dream of imposing our business problems on the community. Why should the tax payer pick up our business tab?

Final thought on affordable housing: when we looked to buy our first home in Santa Barbara the housing market was out of reach. We did not stomp our feet, pout and expect the community and taxpayers to give us our first affordable house. We relocated to our second choice of a place to call home ” Lake Tahoe.

Yes, we were lucky to be able to buy here when we did. It is funny how our second choice worked out so well for us. Maybe it is time to realize not every one can get what they want, when they want it, where they want it.

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