My Turn: Let’s not go down that path |

My Turn: Let’s not go down that path

Bryan DeVoe

Lets establish who I am and who I represent. I am a 29-year, full-time Truckee resident. I do not ride a bike and I represent myself. Walking and hiking are my way to stay alive and in shape. I step over logs, walk around boulders, respect the forest, pick up litter when possible andI do not wear an iPod or carry a cell phone. I have seen our historic community lose its identity and become developed for the sake of the all-mighty dollar.Yes, Truckee needs safe bike paths along paved roads, but we do not need to create a paved road to create a safe bike path. I figure that 95 percent of bikes in our community, for young or old, aremountain bikes meant to travel on the dirt and gravel. As forthe jogger baby carriages, my daughter-in-law in New Hampshire has one that has big tires for running with my new twin grandbabies on the unpaved roads ofthe Town of Landaff. Costs and maintenance of paved vs. gravel thats a no-brainer. There has been virtually no maintenance to the existing gravel section along theriver. A paved 6-foot path will require at least yearly maintenance like sealing, shoulder repair and sweeping, just like the Tahoe City path requires. Speaking of the Tahoe City path; when it was first built, rollerskates and blades were not allowed, until after I believe it was the local game warden while roller skating,despite the rule, with his wife, fell and injured his back, resulting in a major cash settlement for him and path changes to accommodate roller skaters. As for a bike path to provide a means to get to Safeway from Glenshire, will that be the best choice after the newplanned store in Glenshire is built? As for a path for kids to ride to school, bike paths better be built all over Glenshire to provide safe access to the Legacy Trail. And how come there is a $600-million fund for safe routes, yet there is not enough money to pay teachers better wages and afterschool programs have to charge students to participate? How many kids are going to ride a bikea minimum of eight miles to Alder Creek Schooland a minimum of 10 miles toTruckee High and then back? As for trail safety, who willhave liability responsibility? While most bike riders are good riders careful and respectful so are most drivers on our highways, but there is that element who are not. This is my road.Just walk along the American River pathway in Sacramentoand watch. Even the path in Tahoe City has its conflicts. A gravel path is the safest, most environmentally friendly, keeps within our towns history and isvisually respectful to the river. Also, keeping with town policy, a paved road of that length will have to have a roundabout to keep Tony happy.Bryan DeVoe is a Truckee resident.

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