My Turn: Multiculturalists are a threata threat than terrorists |

My Turn: Multiculturalists are a threata threat than terrorists

Bob Revai

I am so sick and tired of the anti-American left and their political correctness. These folks haven’t a clue as to what a real American is or should be. Emotions don’t mix well with facts.When our great-grandparents and my grandparents, and in some cases our parents, first came to this country as legal immigrants the first thing they did was learn English and study the Constitution and other American history so they could pass their citizenship exam. Once they received their citizenship, the absolute first thing they did was pledge their allegiance to the United States of America, not their former country.The sham of political correctness that says we are Polish-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Mexican American, Arab-Americans, you get the picture, is I believe one of the main challenges to the sovereignty of this country today.You are an American if you were born here, and if you are a naturalized citizen you are also an American; not a hyphen-American of any kind. You are either an American first or you are not. Keeping one’s family heritage alive is honorable thing to do; making it a central focus of your existence isn’t only foolish, but wrong.I once heard George Lopez (I think it was him) say during one of his comedy routines that he was an American of Mexican descent first and foremost and not a Mexican-American. He was correct and there is no other way to say it.The way I see it, we are all Americans first and our heritage second, whether natural born or legalized citizens. As we used to say in the 1960s: America, love it or leave it.The socialists, or as I refer to them – communist lite, in this country are doing more harm than any group of terrorists. If they don’t love America, they should go to Cuba, China, or North Korea, or even their beloved Viet Nam, and see how the folks in these countries live and how many of them would love to come to America and be free.Being an American doesn’t mean you love your country or else, but it does mean you should either believe in the principles this country was founded or go live somewhere else.I am an American citizen of Hungarian descent (with a smattering of other ethnicities mixed in) and damn proud of my country, and even more proud of our U.S. military. I invite you to leave if you’re not.Remember the tower of Babel. That’s what’s happening to this country. We’re being destroyed from within by the multiculturalists and their diversity hoax and we all know what happened to the tower of Babel – at least those of us who read the Bible do.Bob Revai is a Truckee resident.

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