My Turn: Muslims have gone too far with Islam’s blasphemy law |

My Turn: Muslims have gone too far with Islam’s blasphemy law

It’s almost a month since the publication of the infamous cartoons and I believe Muslims are at it again. Playing the victim card. The West insulted their Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) they say. They ask for the head of the people who insulted their beloved leader. The world is watching what intolerance looks like. And it isn’t pretty.I’ve seen the cartoons. They’re not outrageous. As a matter of fact they’re quite interesting. I printed the one that is at the door to heaven and a prophetic man is saying to the suicide murderers, “Stop, stop we ran out of virgins.” I plan to frame it. I’d like to show my support for all the talented artists who have produced such magnificent works of art.The assertion of the Muslims that it’s blasphemous to paint a picture of their prophet isn’t correct. There are hundreds of paintings in books and hanging on walls of museums showing prophet Mohammed. It’s not the paintings of the prophet that is making them sick. It’s the message that the cartoons are displaying about Islam. The cartoons expose Islam for what it is.When Muslim men go to Islamic heaven they’re given virgins, allowed to drink wine and have sex with those virgins who stay virgin no matter how many time they are used.With so many of them blowing themselves up in restaurants, busses and underground transportation systems, one can imagine that their heaven must be depleted of virgins by now.These cartoons are raising Muslim anger because they expose the true Islam as a violent and intolerant religion. Why should we give into these barbarians?For too long the West has apologized each time people have tried to expose Islam for what it is. No longer are we going to apologize to these thugs calling themselves members of a religion of peace. There’s nothing peaceful about people who burn, break, decapitate, mutilate, stone to death, destroy and kill in the name of their religion. First they placed a fatwa against Salman Rushdie for writing a book, then Taslima Nasrin, then a professor in Pakistan who was thrown out of the second-floor window of a classroom because she said that Mohammed’s parents were not Muslim. Then they killed Theo van Gogh for making a movie of a Muslim woman and her discussions with her God. Every day in Iran they hang, beat, stone to death innocent dissident men and women in the name of their peaceful religion due to some kind of blasphemy law. Why should a peaceful religion have blasphemy laws? Why should a peaceful religion not allow people to defect and choose other religion? Why, in a peaceful religion, should blasphemy be punishable by death? Why should we accept our parents’ religions?Come on people, wake up and smell the roses. Stop this aggression. The idea that Muslims are angry because of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan is ludicrous. It’s nothing but an excuse. The problem with Muslims are that they are poor, live in dictatorships and have no jobs. They get a good meal each time they go and demonstrate. They’re paid when they kill people. They’re ruled by corrupt governments afraid of their own people.They expect to have their mosques in our towns and cities, however, they will not accept a church to be built in Saudi Arabia. As a matter of fact, if a person enters Saudi Arabia with a Bible, the book is taken away and destroyed. American military personnel must be on their naval vessels to worship on Sundays.Muslims cannot have their cake and eat it too. They either have to accept other faiths or be isolated in their own cultural prisons. It’s not possible to spread Islam by sword any longer. The time of violence is gone and Muslims must accept the challenges that the 21st Century brings. No longer we can live in the 7th Century.I listened to an Imam speaking in Denmark. He stated that Muslims are proud of Mohammed, they love him, respect him and believe in him. Well, that’s fine with Muslims. However, for an ex-Muslim or a Muslim-born, I am not proud of a man who married a six-year-old when he was 54. I’m not proud of a man who would decapitate men in the morning and take their wives to bed the same night. I’m not proud of a man who had 45 women in his harem. And for certain I’m not proud of a man who said that my responsibility must be in the hand of a man.We all have the right to speak and express ourselves, and killing, destroying, burning and boycotting will not make Muslims inclusive in the world community. All I want to do is tell Muslims to chill-out, relax and if you’re proud of your prophet, then what I say about him should not matter unless you’re ashamed of loving, following and respecting a man who doesn’t deserve your love and respect.Parvin Darabi is a Truckee resident and author of “Rage Against the Veil, the Courageous Life and Death of an Islamic Dissident.”

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