My Turn: No smile, no apology but some sleds |

My Turn: No smile, no apology but some sleds

As someone who has grown up here, I have spent a majority of my time on trails in the Tahoe wilderness; in particular a beloved Tahoma trail, which is used by myself, my family, and many of our neighbors in our area.

I have walked this particular trail rain, shine or snow in all four seasons my entire life. Often, while walking my dog I have run into neighbors and visitors on this trail exchanging smiles and greetings. Until this Sunday, I have never had a negative encounter on this trail, which I must admit holds a place very close place to my heart.

While walking my dog, I heard oncoming snowmobiles approaching from behind me. I stopped, waited, made sure to hold my dog’s collar and prepared to stay out of the way. As the first of two snowmobiles approached, I assumed that he would choose to take the wider path forking off the one I was on rather then taking the narrow path on which I stood. He did not. He did slow down and passed me, struggling to get away from the path in thigh-deep snow, where he came inches from my leg.

No smile, no apology.

Farther up the trail my dog and I found the two men on their snowmobiles enjoying beers and a view of the lake. I told them in the politest tone possible that perhaps next time they could give people on the trail a bit more room. To which I was told to “piss off” and that had they stopped or given me more room they would have gotten stuck.

I suppose this is understandable, and then suggested that next time they could take the wider trail. To this I was told, very rudely, that the only reason I can walk on this path, this path that I have walked on all my life not to mention broken trail on many times in snow shoes, was because he, himself in all is power, had packed it down with his snowmobile.

The point of this letter is to remind people to please show some common courtesy and respect while enjoying our beautiful area. I understand that you have a right to snowmobile and I have no problem with that, just be kind.

Finally I would just like to say, to those two snowmobilers, that yes, I will keep my attitude and continue to walk my dog on my favorite trail despite this. I hope that Tahoe can change your attitude as well.

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