My Turn: No special district blank checks |

My Turn: No special district blank checks

A normal person would not go out and buy a Cadillac if his roof was blown off by a hurricane. A normal person would repair his home and them go out and buy a Chevrolet.

The Tahoe Forest Hospital District was mandated to repair a roof (seismic updates). Instead of fixing the roof they went out and bought a Rolls Royce (Western Addition).

Now Tahoe Forest Hospital is asking me (district voter) to forgive them for their indiscretion of spending money in another direction than fixing that roof. They are now asking me to give them money to go out and buy another Rolls.

I don’t get it. The general manager and the Tahoe Forest Hospital District Board had to know that they were going to incur huge cost overruns when building the Western Addition. A $16 million overrun to be exact. I believe if I invoke the California Public Records Act I will find evidence that the hospital consultants warned the board about possible cost overruns.

I would like to see the general manager or the president of the Tahoe Forest Hospital Board come out and explain to the district voters why they did not bring their existing buildings up to California Seismic Codes before spending $46 million on the new addition. I think that this is a very fair question. I believe that this question should be answered.

I would have supported a bond measure in the $30 million, 10- to 15-year pay back range to bring the hospital up to California seismic codes. Ninety-eight million dollars is a little much. This hospital board would be asking for $120 million if they thought they could get away with it. In my opinion this hospital district is asking for too much “candy.”

I advise the voter to take a very serious look at Measure C and vote your conscience. I would like to see this bond measure defeated. I would like to see this hospital board come back with a more realistic request.

I believe it is time that the people of this region to start taking a very serious look at all our special districts and how they are spending taxpayer funds. I think it is time that the taxpayer cut these special districts off at the knees and not give these special districts a blank check.

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