My Turn: Not defending George W., but… |

My Turn: Not defending George W., but…

I read with interest that respected local attorney Jim Porter is a big fan of former President George H.W Bush, our 41st chief executive (or was he the 40th?)

I wonder if Jim was enough of a fan to vote for the former President Bush when he ran for reelection in 1992. If Jim and enough of his pals had voted for Bush they may have spared us the eight years of “good time” Bill Clinton’s presidency. Jim was kind enough to give us a complete recap of the first President Bush’s outstanding service in the U.S. Navy. Odd that the military career of the person who is perhaps the most famous living American would need to be recapped in a Sierra Sun opinion piece. Was this to contrast GHW Bush’s outstanding war record with that of our current President Bush, who merely flew F-102s, a supersonic interceptor with the Texas Air National Guard? Jim failed to mention how he fulfilled his military obligation.

Far be it from me to attempt to defend our current president, but apparently Jim thinks the current president’s big failing is not pursuing diplomacy with our enemies as his dad did in the first Gulf War. Yes, his dad did line up such stellar nations as Syria to fight on our side in that war. How much fighting did the Syrians do in that war and why aren’t they still our ally? I suppose George W. dropped the ball on that one.

I know lots of deep thinkers like Jim accuse our current president of having a “cowboy mentality” sort of like Theodore Roosevelt I suppose. Jim says diplomacy and statesmanship are the answer. Sorry Jim but diplomacy and statesmanship are traditionally conducted between sovereign nations who have conflicting or converging interest. For example, in 1938 Germany wanted Czechoslovakia so Great Britain and France handed it over and avoided war; classic diplomacy and statesmanship. Unfortunately the crazies currently arrayed against us have laid claim to everything from the Philippine Islands to Spain. Should we begin our diplomacy by handing over Israel? Should we throw in Italy and Spain also? Oh I forgot, they also want to kill us. Do we negotiate that? Shall we immediately suspend our support for such “moderate” Muslim countries as Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt? Al-Queta would love that. Perhaps we can “keep” Italy? My wife and I love Italy but I doubt it will be the same after all those great cathedrals are converted to mosques.

Jim thinks it’s time to leave Iraq. He doesn’t appeared at all concerned about the inevitable bloodbath, the huge boost to the fortunes of al-Queda and Iran, the destabilization of the entire Persian Gulf region and the encouragement to terrorists everywhere to attack our allies and the American homeland.

Questions Jim; if Iran and Syria rush their armies into Iraq following our departure will you support the reintroduction of American troops? Are Californians ready for $6-a-gallon gasoline?

Jim also mentions that every “legitimate scientist” in the world is on the global warming bandwagon. Jim, I’ll be happy to provide you with an impressive list of legitimate scientists; that is scientists with PhDs in climate-related fields, often on the staffs of prestigious universities who have expressed their doubts about global warming.

Actually, a bit of research will reveal that the most vocal global warming advocates have no more climate expertise than Al Gore, Ralph Nader Madonna or the typical Hastings grad.

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