My turn: Not the devil’s advocate, simply the devil |

My turn: Not the devil’s advocate, simply the devil

Where do I start? Grasshopper Soup, March 14 column, “Go forth and multiply, our nation’s survival depends on it” has my head is spinning, contemplating how this column was published.-

It is disturbing on various levels. I suspect he was actually paid for writing the thoughtless column. I realize that he is often tongue and cheek and tries to utilize humor in his writing. This column was constructed and conceived in the poorest of tastes with a clear demonstration of racism and bigotry, seemingly to alienate any possible understanding greatly needed at this time on our world and in our country.

The writer said, referring to fundamentalists, “Muslims are having babies at a much greater rate than Americans.” What does that mean? Are there no Americans that are Muslim? According to my Internet research, there is a conservative estimate of over 5 million Muslims in the U.S.A. He appears to be putting that one religion as an enemy of America, not terrorist who profess to be believers is Islam. I understand the United States as a country founded on freedom of religion and the acceptance of diversity and other freedoms.-

The writer went on to say, “The more people that are killed, the more people we need. It is sad but true.” What does that mean? He uses the word “killed” rather than the word die.

The writer has evolved from entertaining to dangerous. The entire concept of his column is irresponsible. What did it contribute to our society?

He goes on pitting religions against each other in another comment about, “Making babies would sure beat reading the Koran, which is what some people insist we must do to foster peace between Islam and Christianity.”-

I am not aware that Islam and Christianity are at war. The writer’s views seem to be elementary and narrow.

The writer also repeatedly uses the word “we” and “our,” which only seems to refer to Christian Americans. What America does he live in? I am offended by his image of America. I wish not to be included in his “we.”

If that is not his intention perhaps he should write better. If he wants to be funny, he should be more informed. I encourage the writer to gather information in a much more comprehensive method and from more than one source (“a major news program”). I encourage him to express himself with better information, thoughtful contemplation and consideration.-

The writer does not seem to be playing the devil’s advocate but simply the devil. I get the feeling this was written and published by the Sierra Sun just to see if anyone is reading the paper. It obviously pushed my button.

Mark Twain he is not. Mr. Twain would be presenting a better understanding of the situation. In my heart and mind there is no room for thinking and expressions of hatred and separateness, it simply isn’t funny.-Mark Twain understood the human condition and drama; everything he wrote reflected that sensitivity, and he obviously understood humor.-

I will not say anything about his concept of reproduction; that speaks for itself.

Douglas E. Taylor has been a resident of north Lake Tahoe for over 17 years and a business owner for almost 15. He is an artist and a concerned citizen of the world.

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