My Turn: On the worse president ever …

Prentiss Davis

My good friend Irv has a new pastime. Irv hangs around the supermarket parking lot and approaches the drivers of cars with “Obama for President” stickers.

Presuming the driver voted for Obama, Irv asks how they feel about the new president’s performance so far. Rather that discuss the achievements of the new Obama administration, most Obama supporters immediately launch into a tirade against former President George W. Bush. Irv is a bit more optimistic than I am, and he actually believes that at least some Obama voters may be already be having second thoughts.

Perhaps this would explain why top local lawyer Jim Porter could take the time from his important litigation duties to create an entire page of Bush bashing (Sierra Sun, Feb. 13), especially now that George W. is safely back on the ranch and unlikely to meddle in government, unlike our two former Democrat presidents. I find it also odd that the Sierra Sun had no problem devoting an entire page to Jim’s Bush bashing while it could not find space to print the very important guest column by our Congressman Tom McClintock (Editor’s note: McClintock’s column was published online at

In about 700 words, Congressman McClintock details why the stimulus package is pure folly and what should be done instead, all perhaps in terms too simple and common sense to impress our liberal friends.

As a conservative, I feel little or no obligation to defend George W. Bush, a man who allowed his administration to ignore the most sacred principals of Republicanism and conservatism; much on the altar of bi-partisanship with the Democrats who despise him so. However, George W. Bush is a decent man, clearly undeserving of the rubbish hurled on him by leftist now running our country to ruin.

Lacking the space to address Jim Porter’s arguments point-by-point, I would like to say only that I am tired of hearing how Bush lied and took us to war when I have videos of nearly every prominent Democrat mouthing these same “lies”. In addition, most of these same Democrats voted for the war after viewing the same intelligence data as Bush.

I also find it very hypocritical that Democrats bash Bush for overspending. Do you recall these same Democrats opposing any of the former administration’s spending? On the contrary, for the past eight years Democrats were criticizing Bush for not spending enough! And what about the spending in the last two years when the Democrats were in charge of congress? Isn’t that when most of “The Bush” deficit was incurred?

Clearly, we now have a new contender for the prize of “worst president”.

In only a few short weeks, President Obama has managed to make some of the worse and divisive cabinet appointments in recent memory including several outright tax cheats and worse of all an Attorney General whose politics are far to the left of mainstream America.

Claiming “emergency,” Obama rammed thru congress the most wasteful package of spending in our nation’s history.

Soon, the First Amendment will be under full attack. The new Administration and its supporters are clearly unwilling to allow conservative voices a place on our nation’s TV and radio airwaves, where they daily point out the foolishness of Obama’s policies. Station owners will feel the pressure to move left or lose their license.

In the field of organized labor, corrupt unions will soon be able to force themselves on American businesses and workers without a secret ballot, no doubt leading to a level of strikes and labor unrest not seen since the great depression. This will of course make our products less competitive and finish off our remaining industry.

President Obama’s initial overtures to our foreign enemies were met with a contempt and belligerence that bodes unwell for the future of world peace. Glowing press reports on the abilities of our new Sectary of State are optimistic at best.

No sooner had the new congress convened, Congressman Bobby Rush, a former Black Panther leader from Chicago introduced legislation requiring most firearms owners to obtain a federal license, clearly a first step to gutting the Second Amendment.

An amnesty bill is in the works that will legalize 15-20 million illegal aliens and lead to the quick legal immigration of 50 million or so of their alleged relatives into our country. This will insure a permanent Democratic majority. It will also crush our Social Security, Medicare, public education, legal system and social services.

President Obama was elected with 52 percent of the vote, hardly the mandated he and his allies would have you believe. However, since November, another election has taken place. The people who own America’s securities, and presumably actually know something of how our economy works, have voted with their pocketbooks leading to a decline in our stock markets of historic proportions.

A leading portfolio manager was recently asked, “Have you advised all your clients to sell their stocks?”

He replied “Not at all. It’s just that nearly all my clients feel America has no future while this President is in the White House.”

Our new President is moving fast. Having earned his spurs in the cesspool of Chicago Democratic politics, he knows how to play hardball in a way that belies his pleasant demeanor.

President Obama has stated publicly that he has serious problems with both capitalism and our constitution. Reviewing his performance so far, the only question would be: Is this President totally inept or is he consciously on a mission to destroy America?

I can only hope enough people are paying attention.

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