My Turn: Parents should do homework with vaccines |

My Turn: Parents should do homework with vaccines

This is a response to Mark Manning’s June 17 guest column, “Anti-vaccinationists should inject selves with healthy dose of reality.”

I have been investigating the vaccine issue for over 25 years. Previous to my research, I never questioned vaccination. I was brought up to believe that doctors and scientists had our best interests in mind and they would never do anything that was harmful (“first, do no harm”).

When I became aware that there were others (doctors and scientists included) who disagreed with the germ theory (upon which vaccination and allopathic medicine is founded), I was fascinated and have been reading everything regarding vaccination and health ever since.

The studies Mr. Manning would like us to read from a rational, blank-slate standpoint are studies done by the very companies making the vaccines that are being recommended/mandated by the CDC and your local pediatrician … all at a huge profit. Any study done by an independent source is not to be considered?

What science has uncovered about the complexity of the immune system and other systems of our human body shows that we were designed to adapt and overcome disease perfectly when we have clean water, a healthy food supply and hygienic environments.

Health does not come from injecting toxins, viruses, bacteria, etc., directly into our bloodstream, unnaturally bypassing our very brilliant immune response. When the immune system is allowed to overcome a virus it confers a lifelong immunity — unlike vaccines that are now “wearing off” and require several boosters.

No matter how often vaccines fail, cause damage or cause death, there will be those who believe that vaccines prevent disease rather than cause auto-immune and chronic disease. Thousands of children have had horrific adverse reactions to the ever-increasing number of vaccines that are on the schedule, and parents of those children are no longer believing the party line, “your child will die if you don’t vaccinate him or her.” They are speaking out and trying to prevent other families from suffering.

Big Pharma is pushing back by trying to take away our health freedom and parental rights. In Colorado it is illegal to take any child under two years old to any other health care provider than a pediatrician. In California, your 12-year-old child can be vaccinated without your knowledge or consent.

I would invite you, Mr. Manning, to read the letter written to the GMC by the parents of the 12 children in Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s study. The medical community may have discredited him because he has threatened its profits, but these parents wrote on his behalf because he was the only doctor who was able to find out what was wrong with their children and treat them, relieving them after years of suffering.

I would hope all parents would investigate this issue on their own before vaccinating their children. Until they do, they will be bullied and scared into vaccinating, suffering through the consequences, and all of us will continue to see our parental rights disappear.

Heather Kovac is a South Lake Tahoe resident.

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